Decorated Sugar Cookies + $100 Enchanted Cookie Boutique GIVEAWAY

Ok, if you know me then you know that beautifully decorated sugar cookies are a part of nearly every gathering I host. You can keep icing decor simple or you can go elaborate like many you see here, thanks to Enchanted Cookie Boutiques talents!

Nativity advent sugar cookies

Decorated Sugar Cookies for Christmas and New Years

You guys know I love a beautiful themed sugar cookies at any party I host. So I figured we couldnt go wrong with these gingerbread boys and houses at little ladies gingerbread decorating party.

My friend Shanan over at Enchanted Cookie Boutique couldnt have created my vision more beautifully. Just look at all that detail!

Gingerbread house cookies, gingerbread men sugar cookiesIve always wanted to host a white Christmas dinner party from the very first pin I pinned on Pinterest back in probably about 2010. It was a collection of white snowflake sugar cookies and other white Christmas dessert items.

I just love how beautiful freshly fallen snow looks and a white Christmas dinner party reminds me of just that. These gorgeous white sweater and snowflake sugar cookies that Shanan made were the perfect party addition. They not only look beautiful but they also taste fantastic!

White sweater and snowflake sugar cookiesOk and these nativity cookies are more than just cookiesthey are a Christmas countdown edible nativity! Each day there is a linen bag with a number on it and a cookie inside that has a coordinating scripture.

Seriously, how fun would kids think that nativity was?! It is interactive yet gets their attention so maybe, just maybe they will be even more interested in the message given through that days scripture.Nativity cookies sugar cookie adventSince we did a DIY bubbly tower using Dry Sparkling soda at our glam new years eve party, I knew I needed to mimic the theme with little bubbly drink sugar cookies from our friend Shanan.I love that she even offers gluten-free cookies so I never have to miss out on the sweet side of the party!New Years eve sugar cookies champagne glass cookies with sprinkle bubbles

Thanksgiving, Halloween and Fall Sugar Cookies

Thanksgiving cookies are the NEW dessert to serve! They look beautiful and taste great too. Plus, no heavy baking on your part like with traditional pies

These delicious, decorated sugar cookies are just a quick phone call or email away Shanan at Enchanted Cookie Boutique does all the baking, decorating and ships them right to your front door!

I love this because it gives you more time in the kitchen to cook that gluten-free turkey, gluten-free green bean casserole with homemade fried onions and delicious sausage and apple gluten-free stuffing.

Thanksgiving sugar cookies on a platter pumpkin pie cookies

Our witches night out Halloween party was full of spooky fun! You can easily re-create it for your favorite girlfriends for a memorable night.

Choose one themed treat that will really POP! These vintage looking pumpkins as well as old Halloween prints on edible paper were so cute and absolutely delicious! I love that Shanan can get even more creative with cookies by using a rice paper printer.

Pumpkin decorated sugar cookies and rice paper printed Halloween sugar cookies

This ladies night football party is sure to be a hit with your sporty friends (and might just make their husbands a little jealous too).To me, the football & stadium gluten free cookies from enchanted cookie boutique were definitely the star of the table!

I love having her do such beautiful creations at my celebrations. We also whipped up a batch of gluten-free brownies. I simply baked them in a pan then cut them into football shapes and topped them with frosting laces.Stadium sugar cookies and football decorated sugar cookies

Valentines Sugar Cookies

A galentines party are so much fun because they are a beautiful but laid back way to get your gal pals togetherinFebruary.

There were also chocolates on a heart plate which looked so festive. We also did lipstick and chocolate dipped strawberry sugar cookies from my friend Shanan at Enchanted Cookie Boutique.Galentines party chocolate dipped strawberry sugar cookies Valentines Day lipstick sugar cookiesIf you are not a big fan of the traditional Valentines chocolate box, then you are going to SWOON over these Valentines Day sugar cookies in a chocolate box!

A small 2 oz. heart box holds three to four candy cups with mini Valentines day sugar cookies. The large 1 lb. heart box holds roughly twelve to fourteen.

I got my brown paper cups on Amazon. A 200 pack was only $4 so definitely a good deal. The white candy cups were a bit more for less but either work great.

The last of the three things you are going to need are Valentines Day sugar cookies! For this DIY project, you are going to want mini cookies, not full size.

I love getting mine from my dear friend Shanan at Enchanted Cookie Boutique. They are always absolutely gorgeous AND so delicious! She ships nationwide so you can place your order and get them delivered right to your front door.

Valentine's Day sugar cookies in a DIY chocolate heart box chocolate sugar cookies

Food Decorated Sugar Cookies

With my talented friend Shanan over at Enchanted Cookie Boutique, Ive enjoyed lots of food cookies. These charcuterie and cheeseboard cookies were my favorite!

Cheeseboard and charcuterie sugar cookies, salami and cracker cookies Cheese sugar cookies decorated on a wood cheese boardCharcuterie Cheese Board Cookies, olive and pickle cookies too

This cute little veggie platter at our farm to table dinner could not have turned out cuter! We has broccoli, sliced radishes, baby carrots, cauliflower, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and a 3D veggie dip cookie to put in the center.Vegetable decorated sugar cookies on a wood platterWeve also done lobsters and lemons for our lobster boil party and milk glasses for a cookies and milk party. Our 4th of July backyard bash even featured edible cookie snow cones. The kids loved thoseLobster and lemon decorated sugar cookies Milk jug sugar cookiesSnow cone sugar cookies on a white plateThese caramel dipped red and green apple cookies with sprinkles were very whimsical and fun. They were perfect for our fall art of hand lettering workshop.Caramel apple dipped sugar cookies

Birthday and Baby Shower Decorated Sugar Cookies

If you are looking for a fresh, modern look, this cactus succulent baby shower is definitely going to please. Our desserttable featured these cactus and baby onesie cookies from our friend Shanan.Cactus succulent baby shower cacti cookies and onesie cookies

This two legit to quit 90s hip hop birthday party was one of my favorite celebrations to both plan and be present for. It was full of carefree fun and thefood was all treats and in theme with the party.

Shanan made us these Two Legit to Quit cookies that still get orders for her every month from people seeing them here and reaching out. We displayed vanilla sandwich cookies with edibleWilton Gold Color Mist, edible gold leaf flakedbrownies, gold sprinkled cupcakes and grape juice filled baby bottles with gold lids.

Two legit to quit 90's hip hop birthday cassette sugar cookiesWe did an American Girl bday party for little lady last year. We kept it pretty simple and low key just letting the girls play dolls but of course, I had to have a themed cookie.

These doll box cookies were soooo fun! I love that Shanan was able to use rice paper to print out actual American Girl doll faces for an extra authentic look. She also did stars since that is kind of AGs thing. Our gal was so excited when she saw them!American girl decorated sugar cookiesI knew I had to create a Hatchy Birthday Hatchimals birthday party for my little guy who absolutely loves these furry little creatures to make his day even more amazing!

To make this Hatchimals party amazing, try to keep things along the theme. For our snacks, we decided to have our friend Shanan of Enchanted Cookie Boutique make these Hatchimal eggs and creatures.

At first when I called her to ask to make them for us, she said, Um, what is a Hatchimal. I sent her some pictures and she quickly got to it. I loved that she could make them more blue and green for boys or pink and purple for girls too!

She never disappoints so I wasnt worried one bit about how they would turn out.Shanan is truly so talented!

The cutest hatchimal cookies

I love styling al fresco dinner parties. They are always such a fun party to dream up! For this one, Ikept it earthy with these geode cookies.

I am simply amazed with the owner Shanan & the fact that I can give her an idea of what I want, and she can execute it perfectly every time. Her talent is incredible!

The good news for all of you is that she ships nationwide AND she makes gluten-free cookies. Isnt that so awesome? So dream of your wishlist cookie design and give her a call.Gorgeous decorated geode cookies I did a fun little mermaid baby shower for my friend and it was so fun! We kept the food sweet with two varieties of cookies, cupcakes and mermaid milk which was really just milk with blue candy beads for bubbles.

Our pearl cookies were SUPER easy to make. I just bought some pistachio flavored macaroons and opened them very gently. I then stuck in an edible pearl candy and placed them on the cake stand. The gorgeous mermaid and mermaid tail cookies were created by my ever talented friend Shanan.

Mermaid themed baby shower sugar cookiesOk so I am sharing a recipe for my favorite sugar cookies below if you want to get creative and make any of these yourself. However, I HIGHLY recommend just ordering right fromShanan over at Enchanted Cookie Boutique (she does nationwide shippingwoot, woot) and she can do regular or gluten-free cookies!

She literally can just create anything you can dream up! Her willingness to get creative and dream big with you as a customer is one of the things I love most. PLUS, her cookies are SO delicious!

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BEST Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

So are you ready to win a $100 gift card from Enchanted Cookie Boutique so you can have gourmet (regular or GF) cookies like this delivered right to your front door?! Enter below

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Decorated Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are both gluten-free and so delicious! Everyone will love how buttery and soft they are and nobody will EVER know they are gluten-free!

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

  2. In a stand mixer, beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy

  3. Add vanilla and almond extracts

  4. In another bowl, combine remaining ingredients

  5. Slowly add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix until well combined

  6. Refrigerate dough for 1 hour

  7. Heavily flour your work surface with white rice flour

  8. Place half the dough on to surface and top with more white rice flour

  9. Roll out dough and cut out shapes with cookie cutters

  10. Gently place cookies on a greased or silicone mat lined baking sheet (I use a spatula)

  11. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-9 minutes or until slightly golden brown

  12. Cool on pan 3-5 minutes then transfer to a wire rack

  13. Continue with the other half of the dough

  14. Frost the cookies with your favorite royal or decorating icing recipe once they are completely cooled

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