Green grazing board using up leftovers from the fridge, freezer and pantry

Clearing out the fridge on the weekend before our fresh produce arrived for the week and pulled together I think one of the most random, but loveliest grazing boards for lunch that Ive done recently in a while!

Just a bit proud too to feature the gorgeous sorrel leaves from our garden. Growing our own produce this year in our planter box (its small but itll do!) has been ridiculously satisfying. We have learnt so much since first starting to grow food last year, and even better we can use up all our leftover organic food waste to make the compost too. The compost produces the most unbelievably rich soil and the veggies seem to absolutely LOVE it.

Onto the board though! Ive used up fridge, freezer and some of the pantry items too obviously and for the sake of guiding you on some of the packaged items we buy Ill pop the brands below:

From the top:

  • Fish4Ever Sustainable Caught Tuna
  • Home made seed snaps RECIPE here
  • Tortilla flatbread I think these were just the basic Mission ones because I had them leftover from a shoot
  • Sorrel leaves from the gardne
  • Avocado
  • Free range eggs
  • Peace Love and Vegetables Cashew cheese in the bowl with
  • Cornersmith Pickled Pears and
  • Frozen and boiled broad beans Ive thrown the wrapper but you can find these in the freezer at the supermarket (remember to peel them if you use them)
  • Cucumber
  • Peace Love and Vegetables Kraut and Smoky Kraut
  • Lemon
  • Pilpel beetroot hummus and
  • Yumis hummus on Jets request : )

Ive been meaning to write a blog for while which has a bunch of the packaged goods and brands I do buy at the supermarket, obviously not everything can be done from scratch, I think its helpful, let me know in the comments below if you would like that also?

Aaaaand I did in fact attempt to make a video of the prep of the board so you can see how it comes together. Be sure to tune into that when I finally edit it, it might help you over the festive time of year.

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