Hearts of Palm Salad

Hearts of palm is a great addition to any salad. They have a great taste, are low in calories and fat but high in nutrients. This is a picture of the salad that I shared with my husband last night for dinner.

Not only did I use hearts of palm, but I added some of my other favorite vegetables: purple radicchio, cucumber, artichoke, spring mix, avocado. walnuts, and sunflower seeds.

I like to use a variety of vegetables in my salads to keep it interesting and to include more plant based healthy foods in my diet everyday. Since plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes are pretty much our only sources of protective antioxidants, it's important to eat as much as you are able. All vegetables are gluten free.

Even the Department of Health suggests that Americans should be eating a minimum of 5 fruits and or vegetables a day and that is conservative compared to the vegetable consumption in Europe. Apparently studies are indicating that there is a correlation between diet and disease and increasing plant based foods is preventative as well as healing.

That's why I include a green or berry smoothie, a big salad, and usually a bowl of plant based soup in my daily diet.

Most of the time I begin with Romaine or another green as my base, and then I like to choose from a variety of add ins.

There are as many ways to make a salad as there are cooks. The great thing about salads is that you can be as creative as you like and you can make a different salad every day of the week.

Since I eat salad every day, I like to vary the items I select for my salad.

Salads are essential for our health and they don't have to be boring. Mix it up everyday with a variety of greens, chopped red cabbage, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, grated carrots, hearts of palm, artichokes, nuts, berries etc.

If you can't eat raw vegetables, try making soup. One of my favorites is my flu fighting soup

One of my favorite salads is my Kale Blueberry Saladand orange cashew dressing.

Of course all of my recipes are vegan and gluten free.

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