How to Make Indonesian Salad

How to Make Indonesian Salad


How to Make Indonesian Salad

Indonesian salad As its name implies, it is an Indonesian salad that is very similar to white cabbage salad. Like other foreign salads, this salad has been modified to suit Iranian tastes, for example some Iranian chefs use raisins and walnuts in this salad.


  • Red cabbage; modular
  • White cabbage; modular
  • Half a cup sausage
  • Half a cup of corn
  • Half a cup of peas
  • Half a cup of mayonnaise
  • Cucumber 4 pcs
  • 2 carrots
  • Raisin raisins as desired
  • Enough salt and black pepper

Indonesian salad recipe

first stage

First we cut the white and red leaf cabbage into thin strands, then pour into a large, spacious bowl. You can also use a large grater to speed up crushing cabbage. Chopping the cabbage into strings will make you have a more beautiful salad at the end.

second stage

Corn and peas can be prepared canned. If you would like to cook peas and corn yourself, you can leave each with some salt and water to cook. Corn and peas cook very quickly so do not over-heat them to crush.

third level

At this point, we are going to prepare the carrots. Carrots can be cooked or cooked to your taste. If you want to cook carrots, you better cook it. Chop the carrots into strands and set aside.

Step Four

In the fourth step, finely chop the cucumbers and remove them after we have taken the extra water. Next, cut the sausage into thin strands and add cucumber, carrot, peas and corn to the cabbage bowl.

Step Five

At this point we should prepare the salad dressing. For this purpose, pour the mayonnaise into a small bowl, then add some salt and black pepper and mix the sauce ingredients well to combine. Feel free to add some lemon juice to the sauce.

Step Six

After the sauce is ready, add it to the salad and mix gently so that the ingredients do not crumble. At the end we decorate the salad with raisin raisins and place in the refrigerator to make the salad. After two hours, serve the salad.

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