I’m a Naughty, Dirty Carnivore

I get a lot of questions about my eating these days. So, here’s the quick and dirty of it. ;)

I’d say I’m kind of a dirty (and maybe naughty?) carnivore. 

What does that mean? I still default to a carnivore diet for a lot of my meals. Beef. And I suppose some people might call it Dirty Carnivore because, like lately, I’m adding a splash of fancy soy sauce (I eschew soy in general) to my ground beef.

If it were mustard or hot sauce, I think I could avoid the “dirty” description, but because it’s “soy” I think purist carnivores might turn their noses up at me. 

I’m OK with that.

Ordinarily, a “dirty” carnivore is one who eats mostly carnivore, but maybe has a ladle of marinara sauce over the beef once in a while, or a few sprigs of asparagus. Or a handful of blueberries. If I were pressed, I might say a dirty carnivore is 90% carnivore and the remaining 10% are paleo-approved plants. But don’t quote me.

But why would I call myself a “naughty” carnivore? 

Maybe I’m writing too many sex scenes in my romance novels.

But the truth is that although the majority of my diet is solely animal products, I have the occasional “dirty” carnivore meal, and I indulge in the occasional “naughty” option which might be a scone! Or pizza in Italy! Or a glass of wine or Malibu rum on ice with fizzy water.

(Admittedly, I rarely drink, but it’s an example. I wouldn’t mind drinking more, actually, but my body isn’t friendly to it, and I like to listen to her. Except when she tells me to go to bed and I’m too enraptured with a book I’m reading.)

But should I call it “naughty?” Is that like some kind of crappy affirmation?

Ordinarily, I’d say yeah.

But in this instance, I’m just being playful so it’s all good. (Though one must be careful in these instances, too.)

The bottom line is that if we approach our food with a happy and loving attitude, then I think most people could be just fine whether they eat pizza once a week slathered in honey and dunked in beer, or whatever. (More on this in another post.)

So, what am I eating specifically?

One reason I love carnivore is because I know I’m getting excellent nourishment for my body, and so if I stick to a routine where I eat almost the same damn thing every day for a week or a year, even if it’s just beef, I feel great. 

Here’s my food lately.

My breakfast and lunch … almost always “good girl” carnivore (sorry could’t resist, those romance novels are really juicy).

It’s a simple meal that’s tasty, and I feel good when I eat that way, which is why most of my food is carnivore. Recipe below.

Dinner, however, isn’t always carnivore.

Sometimes it’s “dirty” carnivore and sometimes it’s “naughty” carnivore, which I suppose isn’t really carnivore, but since most of my plate is animal based, I’m sticking with the fun description.

Dirty would mean I eat a lot of meat and have a sweet potato on the side swimming in melted butter or cold cucumber salad with sour cream.

Naughty carnivore would mean I’m eating that same plate of mostly meat, but instead of vegetables, I had a croissant on the side! 

Over the years of eating such a meat-heavy diet, I’m happy to say that I tolerate non-animal foods well. But, I still get bloated if I eat them, which I don’t enjoy (maybe that’s not so tolerable?). And, the longer-term potential consequences of things like sugar on the brain or its impact on aging and wrinkles, well, those could be happening behind the scenes too. 

BUT! I’m experimenting with some manifesting affirmation mojo when I eat those naughty, dirty things in an effort to mitigate the aforemetnioned possible downsides. (Again, though, that’s a future post.)

I still drink a lot of coffee. About 3 cups a day. 

Here is one of my favorite ways to eat ground beef lately!

I take three pounds of ground beef. They come in one-pound packages. I take them out of the package and flatten them a bit on a baking sheet. I cook them at about 325°F in the toaster oven (a regular oven would do). I don’t even season it. That comes later.

The benefit of cooking three pounds at once is to have the leftovers in the fridge. 

Note: For a portion that I’ll eat… maybe 1/2-3/4 pound.

Once it’s cooked, I add butter and a very special and beautiful soy sauce that I learned about from Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat book. (Can I just say that I absolutely, (absolutely I say!) adore, love, and damn near kissed that book when I finished it. I bought it both for Kindle and hard cover! Even though I won’t use half the info in there for the non-carnivore reasons, I still loved learning it all.)

After all… never say never.

Back to that soy sauce, butter, beef concoction.

But anyway… that soy sauce? Oh my god, the taste is amazing. I feel like I’m in a Japanese restaurant and my tastebuds sing. 

And so it is a joy to have this seemingly boring bowl of ground beef daily, because it’s enhanced with a now-creamy soy sauce from the butter and soy sauce.

That’s all I’ve got for today, but thanks for reading! I’ll be back soon, but I must get back to my romance novels. I’m working book number FIVE and my intense goal I told you about last time? Well, it’s intense to say the least and I’ve learned a few things!

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