Summer Rolls

This simple and fun dish has become one of my favourite meals to create for lunch or a snack. I was inspired by the traditional style, fresh spring rolls I have eaten here in Thailand, as well as a beautiful, coastal business based in Cape Town, South Africa by the name of Veld & Sea that focuses on wild foraging and food alchemy workshops.

The main ingredients are rice paper as the foundation of this dish, and then fresh {or even pickled and fermented} produce for the filler. The ingredients that are available here in Thailand are actually quite incredible, so I wasnt entirely surprised when I found about four different varieties of rice paper. I chose the common white rice paper and then a black charcoal variety as well. I actually prefer the charcoal option due to the aesthetic appeal, as well as the fact that for some reason its a bit thicker, more sticky and therefore easier to use.

I love to play around with flavours, colours, textures and the whole spectrum of senses in general. Every Summer Roll in this dish is slightly different to the next, but each has a unique palate and crunch with every bite.


Charcoal Rice Paper


Cosmos {this can be placed all over the paper, as opposed to solely in the middle}

Lettuce {shredded}

Carrot {julienne}

Cucumber {sliced}

Pickled Ginger {about one slice per roll}

Tahini {two or three dollops}

Spring Onion

Fresh Coriander Leaves

Fresh Basil Leaves

Fresh Moringa Leaves

Dipping Sauce

Soy Sauce

Garlic Oil

Black & White Sesame Seeds


Prepare {chop, slice, grate} all your fresh produce that you will use as a filler and place in away that it is easy to access each individual ingredient.

Place water into a flat plate and dip each side of the rice paper into the water until it is sticky, but not soggy {otherwise it will tear}, and then lay the rice paper flat onto another plate making sure to keep all edges unfolded {from the paper being sticky, the edges can easily fold inwards and tear}.

Begin layering the filler ingredients in the middle of the rice paper. You can use a few slices/ pieces of each ingredient.

Next is the rolling process. You need to fold each side individually beginning with the left edge. Fold the left edge into the middle so it just covers the ingredients, then the top edge to the middle, and likewise with the bottom. Next you will need to roll the from the already folded left, towards the the right which is the only unfolded side of the rice paper. You can roll the ingredients tightly into the rice paper, and even tuck in edges, and roll the ingredients tighter together in the process. I taught myself how to do this, so it took a few attempts to perfect this, but essentially its like rolling a fragile object in newspaper. Fold, roll, tuck, tuck, roll and seal.

Once you have finished rolling the summer roll, you will cut it in half and place onto a serving plate, platter, bowl, banana or palm leaf or whatever rocks your boat. Using something with a relatively flat service is ideal though. Do this with each one and coat with a few sesame seeds.

Ok, next is the dipping sauce, this is the easiest part. Pour a bit of soy sauce into a little serving bowl or mug {thats what I have used in the photo}, add a dash of garlic infused oil, sprinkle in your sesame seeds and were almost ready to go! Place this in the middle of your chosen serving plate/ leaf and.dig in!

P.S. Always remember your Attitude of Gratitude before tucking into your meal, snack, juice, smoothie, whatever it may be that you have chosen to N O U R I S H your body with in that moment.

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