Spice Clips Organizer
Spice Clips Organizer

Spice Clips Organizer

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Organize your spices in minutes! Instantly find what you need without rearranging. 
Any layout variation up to 40 small or 20 large spices per organizer page. Fits all standard round sizes containers.
Versatile Spice organizer hangs from you cabinet shelf or can stand independently on a pantry shelf.
Add additional Spice units side-by-side for easy storage expansion; Store 100+ spices in a single small kitchen upper cabinet. A real space saver!
Easy installation, no tools required. High quality, unbreakable.


Dimension: 9.8 x 1.6 Inches. 

Color: White

Package Includes:

2 x Spice Clips Organizer; Or 4 x Spice Clips Organizer