Rotating Kitchen Spice Rack Carousel 12 Jar Organizer for a Clutter Free Counter Top Metallic Red - Grand Sierra Designs

Rotating Kitchen Spice Rack Carousel 12 Jar Organizer for a Clutter Free Counter Top Metallic Red - Grand Sierra Designs

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THE RIGHT SOLUTION IS HERE: Spices are always difficult to store and can create quite a mess. Luckily, we have the solution. Our rotating mason jar rack is a practical and versatile way of storing up to 12 different condiments.
MODERN DESIGN: Our revolving seasoning organizer is made with premium stainless steel and glass sealed jars that not only look great and modern, but they ensure the high quality and longevity of the product that can be used for many years.
ALWAYS ON HAND: Unlike the individual spice jars that always get lost at the bottom of the cabinet, our 12-spice compact rack has a rotating base that keeps all the jars on hand and ready to be used for seasoning tasty dishes.
EASY TO USE: Each jar of the rotating organizer is made of glass and has a quality sieve for you to control the amount of spice you're adding. Also, the jars are easy to clean and doesn’t transfer the scent.
WONDERFUL GIFT: For a friend or family member passionate about gourmet food, the assorted spice and herbs organizer is a great gift that will allow them to have a cleaner kitchen and use flavorful condiments in their dishes. Available in 5 colors: Lavender, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Stainless Steel and Light Copper..

One of the most difficult jobs in maintaining a clean kitchen is figuring out a way to practically store all your different condiments. But if you too are tired of a having that one messy cabinet filled with wonderful spiced that you never get to use, we believe to have the answer for you: our revolving mason jar rack for condiments. Why should you purchase this item Because it’s easy to use and it organizes your spices like a professional. With 12 individual mason jars for all your spices and made of premium stainless-steel, this high-end accessory is the one thing that has been missing from your kitchenware collection. Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • The mason jar rack can store up to 12 different condiments, being easy to use and versatile
  • Ou revolving countertop spice rack solves the problem of storing condiments and puts them all on-hand for the cook
  • The revolving base allows you to search through the 12 jars, picking the right spice fast and easy
  • The set has 12 individual mason jars made of glass and with a quality sieve, through which you control the amount of spice to add
  • The compact assorted spice rack comes in multiple color options: Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Light Copper, Lavender and Stainless Steel
  • The premium quality of the material ensures a long lifespan for the spice rack
  • The glass mason jars doesn’t transfer the scent, so you can change the spices as you prefer
  ADD TO CART NOW and enjoy a wonderful kitchen accessory that keeps everything cleaner and allows the cook to prepare flavorful dishes.   Thank You!! Grand Sierra Designs

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