Are You Secretly A Typography Genius? Take These Challenging Quizzes To Find Out

Image via Shutterstock

The I Love Typography blog has created a bunch of quizzes for you to find out just how much you really know about all things typography.

If you consider yourself a type guru, embark on ‘The Font Game’, where you will find 30 different variations of the word “fargo.” The quiz challenges you to identify the typeface in each case—from Comic Sans to Showcard Gothic. Most social media users managed to score around 20 points, which you can add to the I Love Typography Twitter thread.

Another quiz that you can attempt is ‘Glorious Glyphs’, where you will need to identify a typeface from a single glyph, such as the ampersand or the @ sign. There are currently no perfect scores on the thread, so take the test and see if you can be the first to answer all questions correctly.

[via Creative Bloq, opening image via Shutterstock]

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