Collection of The BEST Netflix Work It Movie Quotes

Netflix Work It Movie Quotes

Call me a sucker for a teen chick flick, throw some dancing in the mix and I am hooked on Netflix’s new movie Work It!  I enjoyed it, basically because I love me a teen love story all about dancing but it also had some great quotes to come out of the film also.  And like I enjoy doing, I jotted down some of my favorite and what I believe are the best quotes from the movie.  So check out this collection of the best Netflix Work It movie quotes.

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Netflix Work It Movie Quotes

Albert Einstein once said that dancers are the athletes of God. Kim Kardashian once said, “Lighting is everything.” And as head of the AV club, I had to agree. Sometimes I wonder, if Einstein were alive today, would he have even gotten into college?

These days great colleges want a little bit of everything and I thought I had it all on lock.

So I didn’t have a boyfriend or a car or a bustling social calendar, but it was all gonna pay off when I got into my dream school, Duke Uniersity.

You know the Work it competition is in 5 months and it is my responsibility to lead our team to a fourth consecutive victory.

Homestly Quinn, I don’t accept your apology and I’d like you to pack your things and clear out your locker.

Baby, you’re canceled. You’re deleted. Unsubscribed. Control, Alt Delete. You are banished from this room. Do you understand that?

Can you do for the cello what Lizzo does for the flute?

Not applicants that just, like, can fill the box. I want an applicant to blow the box up.

Netflix Work It Movie Quotes

I definitely misread you, Ms. Ackerman. I mean, dance team? That takes emotion, power, grit. Here I thought you were all just, like, resumes and transcripts. You’re the most exciting applicant I’ve seen this week.

Winston Churchill once said, “The price for greatness is responsibility.” So, I’m taking responsibility for my actions. I wasn’t entirely honest with you when I said I was a Thunderbird.

So, I had to join the dance team. Me. A girl who couldn’t find her own heartbeat, let alone a four count.

I will start my own damn team then. And my team will be all about building people up.

A recruiter from the New York Dance Academy is going to be at Work It, which means I need to be there on that stage, killing it.

We would like you to be our choreographer for the following reasons. One. According to my research of every dance movie ever made, we have a very important ingredient for winning: a can-do spirit.

Number two. This is your chance to overcome your demons, due to your knee injury.

You need to get some game, Quinn. You think I don’t see you staring at Jake like he’s a pop quiz?

Pretty sure the key to a live audience is keeping them alive.

Our terrible dancing just killed a man. The sooner we face that fact, the sooner we can ask for forgiveness and move on with our lives.

Freestyling is about getting out of our heads and that’s what we have to do at qualifiers this weekend.

They’ll never make it.

The Work It code of conduct states that all male team members are required to wear a dance belt during performances.

Netflix Work It Movie Quotes

I could never hide you in the back.

It wasn’t always my plan to go but after he died, I feel like being there connected me to him somehow.

It’s no secret that you guys aren’t the most technically skille dancers out there but that’s what we’re up against. The Work It stage, it’s different, it’s huge. It’s gonna be hard, very, very, hard.

It’s just that they said conservatory dancing is different, and if I want to be taken seriously, I would need to learn to control my fire.

You know who else didn’t go to Juilliard? Cardi Bi. Bruno Mars, Jamiroquai, Janelle Monae, Janet Jackson, Oprah, Obama. Lots of people.

I still remember when we were Freshman and you didn’t make the Bird. But you begged, and you did the seniors homework and washed their cars.

This is not over. And you look like a Tampon commercial.

Netflix Work It Movie Quotes

Ever since you started dancing you have been completely off balance. Your grades have been dropping. You’re home late. I don’t understand why you felt the need to have this whole other hobby that has nothing to do with what we’ve been working towards this whole time.

For a second, I thought you cared, and you weren’t just using all of us.

And the only memories we have are the ones that were really fun. You know, the times we spent with our friends, not the schoolwork or the textbooks.

I felt it! The thing you were talking about, about getting out of my head and dancing. I literally was, like, stamping books, and it just started happening, and I got out of my head, and I can dance.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the past few months. But the mistake I regret most of all is hurting you.

If you can please refrain from stinking up the place, that would be lovely.

Beyonce, Queen Bey. I pray that you make my feet swift tomorrow. May my flow be precise, may my moves have swagger. In the name of the single ladies video, the Leamonade short film, and the netflix special Homecoming, I pray.

It’s like the Rapture.

Your performance today was actually not bad.

I’m pretty sure that we illegally won, since rule 85 in the Work It code of conduct says you can’t compete if you’ve already graduated.

Love is happening all around us, honey. We just have to look for it.

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