Daniel Radcliffe Leads All-Star Harry Potter Read-Along

Wizarding World, the online home of Harry Potter and all his wizard friends, has gathered an all-star cast to read Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone one chapter at a time on the Wizarding World site, as part of the Harry Potter at Home program. Chapter one is read by none other than the original Boy Who Lived, Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe will be joined by other famous faces including Stephen Fry, Dakota Fanning, David Beckham, and Eddie Redmayne. As part of the Harry Potter at Home initiative, each chapter will be accompanied by a Chapter Challenge, where readers can earn house points as part of a secret quest.  Every chapter will also be streamed on Spotify and Spotify Kids, so people can have an audio-only experience.

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While they are currently only planning to do the one book this way, it looks like they are working to keep the Harry Potter at Home engaging and up-to-date for as long as it is needed. More surprises may just be on the way!

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