Earth’s Place in the Universe - 5th Grade Science Unit

Are you covering space and the solar system in your 5th grade class?

This engaging unit will help you teach your class about the sun's brightness, the seasonal appearance of stars, and daily changes of shadows.

It's designed to address two of the 5th grade NGSS standards (NGSS 5-ESS1-1, 5-ESS1-2) and it's also aligned with Utah SEEd 4th grade standards (Utah SEEd 4.4.1 and 4.4.2).

Students will LOVE this complete unit filled with many different interesting activites!

If you use my suggested timeline, this LARGE unit will cover 13 days of lessons!

It includes two informative slideshows, hands-on activities, labs, interactive notebook flaps, informational text passages, response pages, 5E lesson plans, worksheets, and a quiz to complete the unit in the format of end of year testing.

Students will learn that the movements in the solar system affect how we see the night sky and how we see shadows.

Students will also learn that stars may be bigger than our Sun, but not appear that way because of their great distance from Earth.

This complete unit will save you TIME and ENERGY!  Don't create your own unit on Earth's place in the universe - I've done the work for you!

Other teachers LOVE this unit.  It's got a perfect rating on TPT and 100+ perfect reviews!

Check out two of the perfect ratings:
Just love the way the author really ties to the standard and has it so well planned out. The suggested schedule is really great. No busy work here. This is a rich standards based unit. Just what I have come to expect from this author.
 The science curriculum at my school is not very clear, this helped me and my class out SO much!

Try this unit in your classroom TODAY:

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