Easy Shopping Summer Fashion for Boys

New subscription boxes from Kidpik promise to make dressing your boys so much easier.

We never mean to neglect the little men out there. They deserve the very best in fashion too. Since we're talking about updating summer supplies this week, I've got a great resource for all the boy moms out there. It's never been easier to dress your little dudes thanks to KidPik subscription boxes. 

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Why we Love Kidpik for Boys

Kidpik does the hard work of putting together a list of delightfully cool finds for the trendy dudes in your house. They've become the leading subscription box for girls and this summer, they are helping the little guys out. Plus, they have a special offer to make getting started easier. 

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How Kidpik Works

I'm going to generalize here, and godbless if your son loves to shop, but most little guys (and girls) get squirmy when faced with trying things on in stores or looking at online options. Kidpik offers one-click solutions. You control the deliveries, they deliver the fashion.

  1. Start with the style quiz. This will help Kidpik select the just-right things for your son.
  2. Their personalized fashion box will arrive within 5-10 business days (depending on location). Once their pik ships, you will receive an email with tracking information.
  3. Unbox the goodies. Each delivery comes with 5-7 perfectly trendy items for your guy. Mom bonus: they're all designed to complete beautiful multiple mix and match outfits.
  4. You have 7 days to try-on your child's outfits at home and you will only pay for the item(s) you decide to keep, using our EZ online checkout. A $20 temporary authorization is issued at the time of sign-up. This amount will not be charged to your account, and is typically released within the same day.


An average cost of an ENTIRE box is $75 which is approximately $13 per item. Like most subscription services, you keep only what you love. 

Momtrends Deal: 50% Off + Free Shipping on Kidpik for boys with Coupon Code: BOY50. Promotion End Date: 05/18/20


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Need more ideas on fashion for kids? Use Pinterest to save your favorite fashion finds for you and your kids. Be sure to follow our Kids Fashion and Style Board here.

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