Let Grammar Bytes Challenge Your Class All Year

Once a week for each week in 2020, Grammar Bytes is putting out a one question grammar quiz on their Twitter page.

Go to their page at: https://twitter.com/grammarbytes and you'll see questions like this posted each Wednesday:

Except, of course the answer isn't shown until your pick it, then it shows the breakdown of answers.  You'll want to keep this in mind if you are putting it up on a SmartBoard or projector, since once you answer, the results will be shown when you pull it up again for the next class, which may influence their choices.  This a quick way to get your students to try it out.  You can put the link on your page so that students can click it and have everyone try it out at the same time.  This could lead into discussion of why that comma is needed or why it isn't right to put 'of' in that sentence. You could also let them put their name down for choice 1, 2, 3, or 4 if you have some extra board space and allow people to have bragging rights if they are correct.

The following Wednesday a new question will appear along with an explanation for last week's question.

The nice thing is that sometimes the majority of people get the question wrong.  Why is that nice?  Your students who struggle with grammar will be relieved to know it is not just them.

2020 may have brought us everything from fires to pandemics to murder hornets, but it also brought us weekly grammar quizzes!  Things are looking up!

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