Online4.Love: What Is It and Is It a Good Dating Advice Resource?

Online4Love is a dating advice site that’s only recently caught our attention. While dating advice websites and paper advice columns are nothing new, it’s a only rare thing that an advice source proves to be worthwhile. That being said, there’s a lot to like about Online4Love, and we’d like to tell you more about what you can find if you’re ever in need of some romantic assistance.

Why Use a Dating Advice Site?

It’s no secret that the dating world is a much more complicated place than it was even ten years ago. Online dating, even if you’re not a fan yourself, has changed the game. It’s no longer enough to be charming just in your local town. You now need to compete with potential bachelors and bachelorettes reachable via text or a dating app.

Still, people want to find love, and that’s understandable! Dating advice sites like Online4Love provide tools and strategies you can use to make the most of your search. That is… if they’re good sites. Does Online4Love qualify? Let’s dive in.


When you hop over to, you’ll immediately be greeted with a few main online dating guides. When we checked, these guides were for creating online dating profiles and for dating women, along with ancillary guides like surviving a long-distance relationship. We expect that these front-page guides rotate from time to time to showcase new articles and fresh advice.

Further down the page, you’ll find recent articles regardless of category. Most of them are for Tinder at the time of this writing, and for good reason – it’s the most widely used dating (or at least hook up) app in the world.

The top of the page showcases the three main sections of the site and a search bar where you can look for specific advice relevant to your situation or needs. One thing we’d like to nitpick is the search bar icon: it’s not a magnifying glass or another symbol commonly used for these widgets. Something other than a rectangle would be more recognizable.

Still, the main page is navigable and provides useful guides right off the bat. So it serves a good purpose and is decent enough at drawing you in. The purple and white color palette isn’t what you normally see, which is good for standing out from other dating sites.

Online4Love – Three Main Sections

As mentioned, there are three main sections to the Online4Love website, each locatable at the top of the screen.

Online Dating

This broad section of the site covers everything you might want to know about online dating, so we expect it’ll be a favorite spot for both young adults and older adults looking for new love alike. Interestingly, the section begins with a small blurb recommending that you check out the site’s reviews on various dating sites like eHarmony.

This is a nice touch as it gives you a couple of quick options if you’re just looking for a new dating site and don’t want to have to sift through a dozen articles to find an answer.

Once you scroll down, you’ll find new dating advice articles sorted by their publication date. Again, most of these are for Tinder, but that’s to be expected. Since you can always use the search bar for specific stuff, it’s not too much of an issue.

A given article, like “How to Flirt on Tinder”, follows the standard advice article format you might expect. There’s an intro, an overview of what you’ll see and learn, then the meat.

One thing we liked was that the site broke down their content into Good and Bad examples for different behaviors. This made the content easy to sift through for actionable information without having to read every word in detail. There were plentiful screenshots as well: an ideal set up for more visual learners.

International Men and Women’s Dating Guides

This section of the site deals with dating guides for specific nationalities of either gender. For instance, you can find articles explaining what to expect were you to date a British Man or a Columbian Woman. While we’re a bit unsure about whether the models in the photos used are really representative of those demographics, the articles’ content itself is worth checking out.

For instance, the aforementioned article on British men starts off with a standard intro, then dives into a great content list so you can jump to any part of the article that interests you. Some of the content focused on ideas like:

  • what British men are like
  • what are their most important traits
  • what are their pros and cons when it comes to dating
  • how you can meet British men
  • and so on

Naturally, you do have to take some of this with a grain of salt. Demographic stereotypes aren’t always true. But these are fun articles to flip through and can provide good info if you’re looking for conversation starters if you match with someone on your favorite dating app and they’re a different nationality from you.

The content, again, was well-written and bubbly without being wordy.

Dating Tips

The last main section of the site is “dating tips”. As with the first section, there’s a small blurb at the beginning providing a few recommended articles, like “how to set up a dating profile” or “how to send enticing messages to your matches”. These are great, once more, for providing quick answers to someone checking out the site for the first time.

This is doubly important since this category easily has most of the content and is much more work to sift through. We’d say that it’s probably easier to use the search bar to find an article for dating advice specific to your needs than it is to dig through everything. 

As before, the articles you can find here are pretty well written and are laid out in logical user-friendly formats. They occasionally publish articles focusing on statistics for apps like Tinder, which are both using and highly informative. The methods by which they got the statistical data seem to be legitimate, too. In other words, they didn’t just make the stats up!

According to Online4Love…

Tinder User Breakdown

  • 57 million users total
  • 62% male
  • 38% female
  • Only 10.3% subscribe to Tinder Plus/Gold

Country Breakdown

  • 190 countries in total

Active Times

  • Around half of users are active around 9 PM
  • Most users log in four times a day

Match Success

  • 13% of matches may lead to marriage
  • 30% are already married


  • Only 12% of male users are LGBTQ
  • Only 0.01% of female users are LGBTQ

Message Speed

  • 63% of male users message within five minutes
  • 18% of female users message within five minutes

Dating Quiz

You’ll notice upon entering the site that there’s an optional dating app quiz to take right at the top of the screen. It’s not very long (only a dozen or so questions) but it’s a great resource if you want a quick answer as to which dating app you should focus on.

Extra Resources

Online4Love has an additional section called “Great Resources”. This is written by the same main author of the site and provides ancillary information you can pursue if you want even more online dating advice.

The author also provides a list of other dating websites that she’s used in the past or is currently using. With her recommendation, you can find even more dating stuff to chew through as you search for online love.


Each article has a spot at the bottom explaining who wrote the content and offering you an opportunity to comment. This is pretty similar to virtually every other website that encourages conversation. At the moment, there aren’t too many speakers, but we expect the site to heat up a bit as more content is posted and people see each piece’s value.

Who Writes Most of the Content?

Online4Love has two main authors: Amy Orlando and Tyler Read.

Amy is the site creator, and she’s a graduate with both psychology and sociology degrees. With extensive marketing experience, she provides a woman’s insight into the dating process and covers most of the articles in need of that perspective.

Tyler is also a college graduate and provides the masculine counterpart, particularly when articles call for it. He also handles the majority of the Tinder related articles.

Regardless, both authors appear to know what they’re talking about. Content is well-written and engaging, and we appreciate that each article has a single main point or focus to make it worth your while. In fact, none of the articles we checked seemed to be a waste of time.

YouTube Channel

Interestingly, Online4Love has a YouTube channel you can check out if you’re more into audio/visual content instead of reading. Tyler and Amy host the videos here and cover many of the same topics you can find written on the site. We really like this aspect since sometimes it’s a lot more relaxing to watch a video than it is to scroll through an article.

If any of the stuff discussed so far sounds interesting to you, we’d highly recommend checking it out.

Final Verdict

So, is Online4Love worth it?

We’d certainly say so. Online4Love isn’t working with an original concept, but it does do a good job of providing actionable information and giving concrete examples for you to work with. This is already better than what many other dating advice sites bring to the table.

Furthermore, the topics they choose to cover are important or focused on topics that matter. For instance, figuring out how to open a Tinder conversation is important for anyone using that app. Meanwhile, more niche topics like keeping a long-distance relationship going are covered as well. We like that there don’t seem to be any boring “listicles” with mindless meandering chatter.

All in all, it’s a simple, easy to use, and easy to appreciate dating advice site. We’d recommend checking it out if you aren’t having enough luck in the online dating sphere by yourself. Chances are you’ll learn something from visiting Online4Love.

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