Plant and Animal Adaptations Digital Unit - Distance Learning Resource for Middle School Science

Plant and animal adaptations Middle school unit

This digital unit is perfect for any middle school science teacher who is teaching remotely!

Teaching science via distance learning is very challenging.  This complete unit makes it easy to remotely educate your students using Google Slides.

This standards-aligned unit will help you cover NGSS MS-LS1-4 and Utah SEEd 7.4.2.

Your digital unit starts with an informative slideshow.

Slide show on animal and plant adaptations

Scaffolded notes are included to assist your students with note-taking and to keep them accountable!

Interactive worksheets for online adaptations

After viewing the slide show, your class will complete interactive drag-and-drop activities based on the material.

drag and drop activities for google

You can choose whether or not to include answer keys for your students.

answer keys so students can self check

After viewing the first slide show and completing the interactive activities, your class can move on to the second slide show.

parts of a flower

And complete additional engaging drag-and-drop activities.

drag and drop slide flower parts

drag and drop google slides

This resource is HUGE!  It contains lots of pages and activities.  And EVERYTHING can be completed digitally.

worksheets on adaptations middle school

In addition to the informative slideshows, your digital unit contains informational text passages with response pages.

worksheets on adaptations middle school

Wrap up your unit with a true or false quiz.

assessment on adaptations

Teaching science via distance learning is very challenging.  Make your life easier and try this digital unit - I've done all the hard work for you!

Other teachers LOVE this unit.  Check out two of the many perfect reviews:

It is so hard to teach science online! This resource really provided a way to do that and it worked great in Google Classroom! -Amy V.
Excellent resource. My students were engaged and it is aligned well with the standards. Loved how easy this was to use online!-Morgan O.

Try this distance learning unit with your class TODAY:

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