The rise of online interior design and comparing Spacejoy, Modsy, and Havenly

Over the past few years multiple online interior design options have been popping up all over the web.  In fact, the Business of Home considers today to be “e-design’s moment.” Considering the wide array of items one can buy over the web, it’s no surprise that the industry has wised-up to the immense potential of opening up design services to online customers, and to those who might not have access or resources necessary to procure traditional interior design services. 

Most online interior design services share the same basic philosophy – providing affordable design, and providing customers with a love and appreciation for a well-designed space.  Where these services differ pretty much comes down to the details of what a design engagement includes, price point, and the actual design process and experience.

While there are many companies that provide these services, and everyone should complete their research prior to engaging, I’m going to compare the design experience and services of 3 different companies; Spacejoy (a Modsy alternative), Modsy, and Havenly. If you’d like to read a review of a few others, Architectural Digest published an excellent article doing just that.


Spacejoy is based out of the Bay Area in CA and is a fast growing startup.  They just started in 2019.  Their focus is on combing passion for designing spaces with 3D technology.  Being a web designer myself, I found their website to be the most appealing and provide the most (but not too much) information at-a-glance.  Important features included in the base package ($49) includes working 1 on 1 with design experts, unlimited revisions, and the ability to shop from your designs. Spacejoy is a more affordable modsy alternative that doesn’t limit your revisions.

A Spacejoy 3D design
A Spacejoy interior design completed


Modsy is another Bay Area venture started in 2015 that features 3D graphics.  Their 3D technology allows users to easily swap out furniture from within the design mockup, and there is a fun quiz to complete prior to starting an engagement.  The base package  starts at $80 and includes communicating with a designer via email, and 2 revisions.

Top: A Modsy design rendering. Bottom: The finished product


Havenly, another Modsy alternative, was one of the first online interior design firms and is based out of Denver.  They allow you the option of partnering with one of their designers of your choice, and you can buy what you like directly through their platform.  Their entry-level package is the Havenly “mini,” for $69.  With the mini you can select a designer, get 1 on 1 time and get 3 initial ideas. You get multiple design revisions and a final design concept with a shopping list. 

You can peruse the portfolios of many interior designers

After completing a style quiz you get to select your designer.

Feature Comparisons of Base Package

Company Price 1:1 with Designer Unlimited Revisions 3D Rendering
Spacejoy $49 Yes Yes Yes
Modsy $80 via Email Multiple ? Yes
Havenly $69 Yes No No

To sum up, all of these companies feature extremely talented designers and the results are stunning. If I had to choose one myself I would go with Spacejoy – a great Modsy alternative. You get the benefit of 3D visualization, but with unlimited revisions. Their base package is also the most affordable.

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