Trivia Quiz: Animals in Song

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Aug 10, 2020

A Music Quiz : We eat 'em, we breed 'em, we feed 'em, we live with 'em, and we love 'em. So, naturally, we sing about them. How many of these animal inspired song titles do you know? By the way, does anyone know "how much IS that doggy in the window?"

1. According to a 1961 single by The Tokens, what animal is sleeping "in the jungle, the mighty jungle"?
2. Rocky Balboa had the eye of what animal in a 1982 song by Survivor?
3. What animal's hunger did Duran Duran sing about in a 1982 single?
4. In the title of a 1956 single, Bill Haley and His Comets wished a fond, and rhyming, farewell to this scaly animal.
5. What scaly, reptilian rock was Elton John doing in his 1972 hit?
6. What weeping, feathered friends was Prince singing about in his 1984 song?
7. This flying creature featured in a hit single, a hit album, and 2 album sequels for the artist Meat Loaf.
8. Which of these animals does not feature in a song title by the Beatles?
9. What vicious fish was the band Heart singing about in their 1977 single?
10. A band called "Stray Cats" released a single called "Stray Cat Strut".
11. What crustacean did The B-52's sing about in their 1978 single?

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