Trivia Quiz: Christmas Song Colours

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Jun 11, 2020

A Music Quiz : With all the lights, snow, and decorated trees, Christmas can be a colourful season. How many colours can you identify in these songs?

1. Complete this song title: "Rudolph the ____-Nosed Reindeer".
2. What is the last name of the Parson in "Winter Wonderland"?
3. In "Winter Wonderland", what kind of bird has gone away?
4. In Bing Crosby's biggest musical hit, he dreams of a _____ Christmas.
5. In the most famous version of this song, Elvis Presley has a ____ Christmas.
6. There are no colours mentioned in "The Twelve Days of Christmas".
7. What are some of "My Favorite Things"?
8. Which of the following songs has a colour in the lyrics?
9. "The Holly and the Ivy" lyrics mention red and white, but they do not mention green.
10. In "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas", Santa comes "down the chimney broad and _____".
11. The lyrics "Ring-a-ling, hear them ring" are from the song "_____ Bells".
12. What two colours are mentioned in "Must be Santa"?

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