Trivia Quiz: Friends: Phoebe’s Songs

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Jun 15, 2020

A Television > Comedy Quiz : How well do you know the songs that Phoebe sings on the show?

1. Finish the lyrics: "There was a girl we'll call her Betty, and a guy let's call him Neil. Now I can't stress this point too strongly, __________."
2. Finish the lyrics: "I made a man with eyes of coal and a smile so bewitchin'. How was I supposed to know that my mom was dead in the __________?"
3. Finish the lyrics: "Whenever I get married, guess who won't be asked to sing! Somebody named ________! And somebody else named ________!"
4. Finish the lyrics: "New York City has no power, and the milk is getting sour. But to me it is not scary, 'cause I stay away from __________."
5. Finish the lyrics: "Now, Grandma's a person who everyone likes, she bought you a train and a bright, shiny bike, but lately she hasn't been coming to dinner, and last time you saw her __________."
6. Finish the lyrics: "Are you in there little fetus? In nine months will you come greet us? I will buy you some __________."
7. Finish the lyrics: "Went to the store, sat on Santa's lap. Asked him to bring my friends all kinds of crap. He said, 'all you need is to write them a song.' Now you haven't heard it yet, __________."
8. Finish the lyrics: "First time I met Chandler I thought he was gay, But here I am singing on his __________."
9. Finish the lyrics: "...and fuchsia and mauve. Those are __________ of my bedroom."
10. Finish the lyrics: "Terry's a jerk! And he won't let me work! And I hate __________!"

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