Trivia Quiz: Fruit Phrases

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Aug 13, 2020

An Entertainment > Food and Drink Quiz : There are several phrases based on fruits. They may be common idioms or even song titles. See how many of these fruit-related phrases you know.

1. What fruit is associated with a hydraulic crane that has a bucket at the end for raising and lowering people?
2. This fruit is part of a company name that makes sun protection lotion.
3. This fruit is one of the American college football bowls.
4. What fruit is NOT mentioned in the title of a hit song?
5. What fruit is associated with a Major League Baseball preseason league?
6. This fruit shot refers to cannon artillery that is made of many small metal balls.
7. Which fruit is part of the name of a meteorological event?
8. Someone who is the focus of public attention is said to be in this fruity type of light.
9. This fruit fuzz can refer to short, fine, downy hair.
10. Complete this clothing manufacturer's name: Fruit of the _____.

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