Trivia Quiz: Horror Movie Mania

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Jun 12, 2020

A Movies Quiz : Name that maniac. Test your knowledge of classic and modern horror film personalities.

1. He was a masked man from Haddonfield, IL.
2. Also a masked man who enjoys the weekend, he got his unlucky start at a summer camp at Crystal Lake.
3. Dracula was possibly named after the Wallachi prince Vlad III "The Impaler".
4. A seemingly normal fellow, he ran a motel for his mother.
5. This telekinetic youngster had a rough time in high school.
6. He made this "tree street" a living nightmare for children.
7. He might have been your buddy before but turned out to be for children of no ages.
8. Boris Karloff was the portrayer of many horror monsters, but which of these was his most infamous role?
9. Hannibal Lecter was a very intelligent, cultured, cannibal and was also a highly respected doctor.
10. Not knowing this hellraiser's name doesn't exactly make you one.

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