Trivia Quiz: The Goonies

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Jul 27, 2020

A Movies Quiz : How well do you remember the 1985 action-adventure movie "The Goonies"?

1. Who sings the theme song on the soundtrack?
2. Which name is not a nickname of one of the characters?
3. Which of the following characters does Sean Astin play?
4. What is Lawrence's nickname?
5. Of the following, which character translates the wrong information to the housekeeper, Rosalita?
6. Which of the following characters does Corey Feldman play?
7. Which of the following is the name of the dance Chunk does before he is able to come in the house?
8. What do the Goonies find in the attic?
9. Of the following, which candy bar does Sloth eat in the movie?
10. The Goonies find the ship of which pirate?
11. Where do the Goonies find all "the rich stuff" they need to save their homes?
12. Of the following, which is the name of the first explorer looking for the treasure?

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