Who smoked a pipe before his execution in 1618? The Weekend quiz

From the Gulf of Guinea to the Golden Boot, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 Which writers attended the Clergy Daughters’ school at Cowan Bridge?
2 What is the world’s most biodiverse country?
3 Who smoked a pipe before his execution in 1618?
4 Which quartet debuted as Festfolk?
5 Which footballer won the English Golden Boot with three different clubs?
6 What name means “she who must be loved” in Latin?
7 In UK honours, what is the RVO?
8 Which great circles meet in the Gulf of Guinea?
What links:
Open; training; local; high-security?
10 Sacha Dhawan; Michelle Gomez; John Simm; Anthony Ainley?
11 Brail; jackstay; halyard; sheet; warp; whip?
12 Dover and Wroxeter, via London and St Albans?
13 Third molars; Salvia officinalis; Hiram K Hackenbacker?
14 Soldier; Terrorist; Shepherd; Earth?
15 South China; Amur; Sumatran; Indochinese; Bengal; Malayan?

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