100+ Insanely Popular Amazon Gift Ideas That Everyone On Your List Will Like

Look no further for the perfect gift for your friends, family, and significant others because these Amazon gift ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on every single one of their faces.

amazon gift ideas

Shopping for gifts? I know firsthand what it feels like to be shopping for someone you really care about and stressing way too much about what to buy. My love language is giving gifts so I am super picky when it comes to picking things out for my friends, family, and boyfriend. Luckily, throughout the years I have given hundreds of gifts and done countless hours of searching when it comes to the gift-giving seasons so I have found alllll the best things to buy. And in fact, a ton of them are sold right on Amazon (Hello Prime shipping!!)

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for your parents, boyfriend, best friends, child, or siblings, you are guaranteed to find all the best Amazon gift ideas right here.

This post is all about Amazon gift ideas


Best Overall:  Ember Mug

"I recently bought an Ember mug for my mom for her birthday and keeps her drink hot for hours on end. She wont drink coffee out of anything else now."

Best Under $25:  AirPods Case

"Bought this super cute AirPods case for my best friend for her birthday and we were both so happy with the purchase! It was the perfect gift for her that was both cute and affordable for me!" 

Best Value:  Olaplex Hair Care Treatment

"I heard everyone raving about Olaplex so I had to give it a shot. This stuff honestly works wonders!"

Most Popular: iPad Air + Pencil

"Bought an iPad Air for my daughter for school and it was the best thing I ever did. She uses it all the time to study and this pencil makes taking paperless notes so simple"

Best For Dads: Courant Wireless Charging Station

"This wireless charging station is a game-changer! It charges all my devices at once and helps me keep everything organized!"

Best For College Guys: Personalized Dopp Kit

"I was having trouble shopping for my boyfriend but I ended up buying him this personalized dopp kit and it was a total hit. He uses this every time we travel!"

Most Unique: FLÎKR Fire Personal Fireplace

"I was gifted this personal fire place a few months ago and I am absolutely obsessed."

TRENDY Amazon gifts:

trendy amazon gift ideas

1. Fuzzy Slippers

You can honestly never ever go wrong with a good pair of slippers. These fuzzy white ones are trending all over TikTok right now and girls are absolutely obsessed!

And it should come as no surprise that Ugg is staying at the top of their game with these super cute black slides and super cute hot pink platform slippers. Honestly, she will probably be wearing these slippers outside of the house too.

2. Gold Jewelry

Looking for trendy gold jewelry she will actually wear? These pieces are your absolute best options. Everyone is wearing these chunky gold hoops from Amazon right now so you can guarantee she will fall in love.

3. iPad Air + Apple Pencil

I recently bought an iPad for myself and I seriously can’t tell you how obsessed I am so I can guarantee that this gift is going to be a hit. If you’re feeling extra nice, buy this Apple Pencil to go along with it to make taking paperless notes super easy!


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4. Smiley Face Trucker Hats

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the reason girls love hats so much is because we usually are just too lazy to wash our greasy hair. And by sometimes, I mean most of the time. 😜

Any sort of hat brand will make for the perfect gift but this specific smiley face hat is one she will be shocked you even knew about. While it may come as a surprise, colorful trucker hats are actually super popular this year so if the girl you are buying for keeps up with the trends she will be sure to be absolutely obsessed with this gift.

5. Vibrant Colored Sweater Dresses

If you want to buy your sister, friend, or daughter a trendy piece of clothing from Amazon you definitely need to consider buying her a sweater dress. These fun-colored dresses are all the rage right now in the fashion world.

6. Two Piece Workout Sets

Got a girl that loves to work out? Buy her a cute two-piece workout set! Honestly, this is an amazing gift for any girl even if she isn’t hitting the gym 24/7 because this is exactly what we wear to class constantly!

7. Trendy Colorful Jewelry

I usually go for the more neutral gold pieces but this colorful jewelry trend is so cute I may just have to hop on board. Any girl that keeps up with the trends is going to love receiving these pieces as a gift!

8. Haute Shore Bags

My sorority gifted us with Haute Shore bags during recruitment this year and let me tell you, girls were running to get their bags. Neoprene bags are super in right now and this brand is at the top of the list for this style.

9. Sunglasses

Girls love to accessorize so cute, trendy glasses are a full-proof Amazon gift idea. I recently bought this pack of 2 and I get people asking where they are from constantly. Plus, they were super inexpensive which is just an added bonus!

Amazon gift ideas for COLLEGE GIRLS:

amazon gift ideas for girls

10. Cute Water Bottles + Tumblers

Us girls stay attached to our water bottles during the day so you can’t go wrong with buying any girl in college a cute patterned tumbler or water bottle for those long days in class.

11. She's Birdie Safety Alarm

The sad truth is that girls have to be extremely careful while walking alone especially on a college campus. While everyone hopes to stay out of a dangerous situation in college you just never know when something could happen. Pepper spray is a girl’s go-to defense product but this item will make her feel even safer. If threatened, this alarm will activate a flashing strobe-light to distract and a piercing alarm to alert others. Safety is a priority in college and this product will make both you and her feel much safer at school!

12. '47 Brand Baseball Caps

Remember how I said college girls love baseball caps? ‘47 brand is a super popular hat brand for college girls that you can buy right on Amazon!

13. Running Shoes

College girls do a ton of walking while on campus so there’s no better gift than a new pair of comfortable running shoes! On Running and Adidas are the top two sneaker brands for girls this year.

14. Revlon Blowdryer Brush

This gift is for all the frizzy-haired girls that just can’t get their hair to look right with a normal blowdryer- I feel ya girl. This Revlon blow dryer round brush dries, defrizzes, and styles all in one step to give you that blown-out look! I got this for Christmas last year and I haven’t used a normal blowdryer ever since.

15. Olaplex Hair Care Treatment

Olaplex hair treatments are on every single college girl’s wishlist this year. Whether you are trying to repair your hair integrity after bleaching or even just wanting longer, thicker, and healthier hair, Olaplex is the number 1 hair product. It is recommended by almost every professional hairstylist and loads of girls are loving this product. It seriously does wonders for your hair! This 4-step treatment is a $25 sample size that would make for the perfect gift for any girl your shopping for!

16. Athletic Skirts

Girls all over campus are wearing tennis skirts so class so this is a full-proof clothing gift for college girls you can buy right off Amazon! She will 100% be wearing this gift constantly.

17. Cute Loungewear

There is nothing better than cozying up in a cute lounge set at the end of a long day. Actually, who are we kidding? We wear these all day long. 😜

18. Makeup Brushes + Travel Bag

While most girls have their own makeup brushes already, they are usually a combination of old brushes we got from our mom or brushes we have been using for years. Makeup brushes get dirty really easily so a new matching set of brushes is guaranteed to put a huge smile on her face. To go along with the brushes, buy a cute cosmetic bags to store all her new brushes in! This drawstring makeup bag allows you to spread all your makeup out flat and then just pull the string to tie it all up at the end!

19. Jewelry Organizer Travel Case

Every girl knows the struggle of traveling with jewelry only to find all your earrings and necklaces in a tangled mess once you arrive. Help any girl you are buying for travel easier by gifting her a stylish jewelry travel case!

20. Hoodies

Giving hoodies as gifts to college girls should honesty be a given. But in case you haven’t thought of it yet, buy her a hoodie! Honestly, any brand will do but cute and trendy sweatshirts like this smiley face one are super popular right now!

21. Clear Game Day Bag

I personally could have used this gift literally last week. I totally forgot you can’t bring purses into football games so I was left running around trying to find somewhere to leave my bag. Gift your college-aged girls a stylish clear bag for game days and I promise you she will thank you later!

22. College Sorority Apparel

If the girl you are buying for is in a sorority, buy her some custom apparel! Amazon sells all kinds of apparel from every sorority out there! Hats, sweatshirts, you name it and she’ll wear it if it has her sorority letters on the front.

23. AirPods + Case

Pretty much every college girl has a pair of AirPods to listen to music to while walking to class, working out, or studying (if they don’t this is a gift guaranteed to be used 24/7 as well). So to go along with her AirPods, buy a case for them! Amazon has a ton of the cutest AirPods cases and the best part is that they are cheap! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with neutral, pastel, or girly patterned prints when picking out a case to give her as a gift!

24. Best Places To Buy Gift Cards For College Girls

  • Ulta
  • Sephora
  • Amazon
  • Zara
  • Etsy
  • Shein
  • Lululemon
  • Starbucks
  • Athleta
  • Massage Gift Card
  • Door Dash or Uber Eats
  • H&M
  • Target
  • Amazon gift ideas for COLLEGE GUYS:

    amazon gift ideas for guys

    25. Crosley Record Player

    Here’s a super fun and unique Amazon gift idea for college guys that he will be so excited to receive! If the guy you are buying for loves music (who doesn’t?) buy him a record player! You could even throw in a record from his favorite artist to make this gift even more personalized!

    26. Baseball Caps

    Just like girls college guys love their baseball hats as well. Guys have their bad hair days too! Amazon sells a ton of popular hat brands for guys like ‘47 brand and Life Is Good.

    27. AirPods + Case

    A ton of college guys have some kind of Bluetooth headphones but if not this is a great gift to give him. To keep a hold of his AirPods while walking to class or working out, buy him a leather case like this one from Amazon!

    28. Nike Club Men's Training Joggers

    I swear I could buy my boyfriend 100 pairs of sweatpants and he would still have it on his birthday and Christmas wishlists. So there you have it, a college guy approved Amazon gift idea!

    29. Neons Signs

    My boyfriend was recently trying to decorate his college apartment bedroom but when he came to me with ideas I was honestly kind of stumped because I’ve only ever had to help decorate girls’ rooms.

    But, one thing we came up with was to use cool neon lights on his walls! These look a little more ~sophisticated~ than neon tape lights. He absolutely loved the idea but these signs were honestly a little too pricey for him to spend on decor. So if you want to buy your college-aged brother, boyfriend, or son a gift he’ll love, spoil him with a cool neon sign that he may not pull the trigger on spending money on otherwise!

    30. AirTag + Case

    Apple came out with the AirTag this year and people are obsessed with it! With this, he will be able to attach the AirTag to his keys so that he can easily track them from his phone if they get lost! Not only is this a super useful gift, but it is also an amazing price for an Apple product.

    31. Beer Bottle Opener Keychain

    Every college guy could use a beer bottle opener from time to time, right? This keychain bottle opener will guarantee that he always has one ready! 

    32. Yeti Products

    I feel like Yeti products and college guys just go hand-in-hand like it just makes sense. 😂

    But in all honestly, Yeti products really are the best at keeping your drinks stay cold so any of their products are guaranteed to get a ton of use!

    33. Dopp Kit

    College students are always traveling to either friend’s schools or back and forth from home so travel bags are always put to good use! This Dopp kit from Amazon is customizable and would make the perfect gift for him this year.

    34. Fossil Watches

    Want to really impress him this year? Buy him a nice new watch! Fossil has some of the best men’s watches that he will love just as much as you love how it looks wearing it. 😉

    35. Grooming Kit

    Now that we’re in college guys are at the age where they actually need a good shaving/grooming set. Amazon sells the entire package from Dollar Shave Club which is one of the most popular shaving kits out there right now!

    36. College Sweatshirts

    If you’re a girl looking for Amazon gift ideas for your boyfriend, here’s your chance to return the favor for all the sweatshirts you’ve “borrowed”. Buy him some new college apparel or even just big comfy sweatshirts from Nike or Champion! I’m sure you’ll be getting some use out of these too. 😜

    Amazon gift ideas for DADS:

    amazon gift ideas for dads

    37. Leather Weekender Travel Bag

    If your dad is constantly having to travel for work he has probably worn out that luggage bag he’s had for years. Time for an upgrade! He will absolutely love this leather weekender bag from Amazon.

    38. Cuisinart 13-Piece Bamboo Grilling Tool Set

    Have a dad that loves to grill out? Gift him a new set of grilling tools! He is guaranteed to be showing these off at the next barbecue.

    39. Beer Bottle Caddy

    A beer bottle caddy is a fun gift that he will honestly end up getting some good use out of! This Amazon gift idea for dads is perfect for pool days, lake weekends, and cookouts.

    40. Yeti Lunch Box

    Any dad that goes into an office every day will love this gift! This yeti lunchbox will allow him to prepare lunch at home and guarantee it stays cold/hot until lunchtime!

    41. Grilling Spice Set

    A grilling spice set is a fun novelty gift for dads that he is guaranteed to get a ton of use out of! He will honestly probably get a little too excited over this. 😂

    42. New Balance Tennis Shoes

    Can you believe it? The ultimate dad shoes are actually in style right now. With this gift idea, your dad can finally say goodbye to his old New Balances from 20 years ago and hello to the new “cool” version of dad shoes.

    43. Courant Wireless Charging Station

    Is your dad constantly misplacing things on his side table? Phone always dying? Here is a Christmas gift that will solve allll his problems. Courant makes this wireless charging and accessory tray to organize all his things while charging his phone at the same time. There aren’t many side table organizers that look this good so it is definitely one of the best Amazon gift ideas for dads this year!

    44. Multi-Tool + Case

    New tools are always a safe bet when it comes to picking out gifts for your dad. Add a leather tool case in there to make this gift even better!

    45. Fossil Watch

    Just like gifts for college guys, Fossil watches make amazing gifts for dads as well!

    46. AirTag

    While you're ordering an AirTag for your boyfriend, son, or brother, order an extra for your dad too! Dads can always use a little reminder where they placed their things

    47. Ember Mug

    If you haven’t heard of Ember mugs yet they are basically the modern way to drink coffee. These mugs are rechargeable, heated mugs that keep your coffee hot for hours on end! Who knew drinking coffee could be this cool?

    Amazon gift ideas for MOMS:

    amazon gift ideas for moms

    48. Silk Pajamas Set + Cozy Socks

    Every mom out there deserves a nice cozy pair of silk pajamas! Here is a super cute black set from Amazon she is guaranteed to be wearing around the house constantly.

    To complete her gift add in a pair of cozy socks (because no girl can ever have too many pairs). Barefoot Dreams have the coziest socks out there and you can order them right on Amazon! Seriously, she is going to feel like she's at a spa while wearing this gift.

    49. "A Year of Zen" Guided Journal

    Your mom is probably just as stressed if not more and a journal is a great way for her to let out her thoughts and relax! This guided journal will be her new favorite book to help her relax at night.

    50. Ember Mugs

    If your mom is a coffee drinker, buy her this gold Ember mug to match your dad! They can now drink hot coffee together all morning long.

    51. Humidifier + Essential Oils

    Moms love their essential oils so a humidifier and new set of oils would make the perfect gift for her! 

    52. Barefoot Dreams Robe

    If you’re wanting to buy your mom a robe this year this is hands down the one to get. It is a little pricier than other options on Amazon but the quality is SO worth it. She is never going to want to take this off once she tries it on.

    53. Travel Backpack

    While many women carry purses around there are always times they need a good backpack too! This chic backpack is perfect for moms to use when traveling or headed to work.

    54. Vinglace Wine Chiller

    This gift is perfect for the moms that love drinking wine but making it ~classy~. This wine chiller will keep the whole bottle cool and looks so much cuter than the traditional metal bucket people usually use!

    55. Jewelry Dishes

    Every woman knows the struggle of taking off jewelry in the bathroom and having it fall down the drain. To avoid this, buy your mom a cute jewelry dish to keep all her things organized on her counter! This is an inexpensive gift for moms that both she and your dad will love when he doesn’t have to go searching the pipes for earrings anymore. 😉

    56. Apple Watch + Band

    If your mom doesn’t have an Apple Watch already it is a must-have gift to buy! If Even if she has one already you can always buy her some new stylish bands to switch out with her outfits!

    57. Gel Nail Kit

    Most moms love having their nails done but don’t have the time or money to go to a salon every two weeks. Bring the salon to her with this gel nail kit from Amazon! Gel is super easy to do yourself and will end up saving her tons of money in the long run!

    Amazon gift ideas for HOMEOWNERS:

    amazon gift ideas for homeowners

    58. Decorative Storage Boxes

    I recently found these storage boxes on Amazon and I am obsessed. I honestly don’t even have a place for these in my apartment but they’re so cute the decor lover inside of me is just screaming to buy it anyways. Definitely consider this gift for any apartment or homeowner who loves to decorate and organize!

    59. Candle + Wick Trimmer/Candle Accessories

    You can’t go wrong with giving candles as gifts! Amazon sells Anthropologie’s signature candle which is a crowd favorite. For an even better gift, buy a cute candle wick trimmer and accessory set to go along with the candles!

    60. Charcuterie Boards/Serving Trays

    Absolutely obsessed with these charcuterie boards right now and I can guarantee every decor lover will be right there with me when receiving this as a gift!!

    61. Coasters

    Coasters are a long-time gift idea favorite and they aren't any less popular now! Amazon has tons and tons of cute coasters but these agate coasters are some of the most popular at the moment!

    62. FLÎKR Fire Personal Fireplace

    How insanely cool is this?! This FLÎKR personal fireplace is the perfect gift for apartment owners that don’t have a fireplace or even just easy s'mores making! 

    63. Bookends

    Bookends are a fun and stylish gift for decor lovers that won’t cost you a fortune! Amazon, West Elm, and Target have some of the cutest ones out there right now.

    64. Cozy Blankets

    Here is a widely loved Amazon gift idea for anyone you are buying for! I mean seriously, you can never go wrong with cozy blankets.

    66. Coffee Table Books

    Coffee table books make for amazing decor in any home. You can find hundreds of stylish table decor books on Amazon that your home decor-loving friends will be absolutely obsessed with! 

    Amazon gift ideas UNDER $25:

    amazon gift ideas under $25

    67. Heatless Curlers

    I have seen these heatless hair curlers all over TikTok and I have been dying to try them myself. This allows you to wrap your hair at night to create effortless curls in the morning without having to use heat! 

    68. Phone Cases

    You can find a ton of super trendy phone cases on Amazon and they’re all pretty inexpensive! Definitely consider buying the people on your list cute new phone cases if you’re looking for a gift you can guarantee they will love!

    69. Smiley Face Slippers

    OMG, I am literally in love with these smiley face slippers. I came across them on Amazon the other day and knew I had to keep them in mind when thinking of Amazon gift ideas.

    70. Hair Claws

    We love them but we’re constantly losing our hair claws so you can guarantee no girl is going to complain about a new pack! Amazon has countless options when it comes to cute, colorful, and trendy hair clips.

    71. Blue Light Glasses + Case

    Blue light is actually so harmful to your eyes so gifting a pack of blue light glasses will be doing them a huge favor! Plus, all of us non-glasses wearers are jealous of how cute people look in glasses so this will let us in on the fun!

    72. Party Games

    You can never go wrong with a good party game! Amazon has hundreds of fun options for girls, families, and relationships.

    This post is all about Amazon gift ideas


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