3 Simple Steps To Declutter Your Kitchen This Summer

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Lazy summer days can be good for the soul. We all deserve to feel rested and relaxed. But there is another feeling that can be just as good — the feeling of accomplishment! Putting just one of your summer days to work can result in a clutter-free kitchen and some peace of mind. Imagine how great it will be when your kitchen looks as fresh as you feel! So put on your favorite tunes and follow these three simple steps to declutter your kitchen this summer.

1. Trash, donate, or recycle any unwanted, unused or unappreciated items.

It doesn’t matter if you have a spacious high end kitchen or a tiny functional space. If your kitchen is covered in clutter, there’s no way you can properly enjoy it. One of the foundations of summer is enjoying the simple life! Apply that same mindset to your kitchen and you’ll be in good shape.

The first step to any good decluttering is getting rid of any unwanted items. From forgotten food items to kitchen tools that aren’t doing anything for you, it’s time to trash, donate, or recycle.

If you have a lot of unwanted non-perishable food, put together a bag and donate it to your local food shelter. Unused or unappreciated furniture, utensils, small appliances, and décor can be sold at a garage sale or offered up to friends. Recycle those stacks of old mail and magazines. What about anything that is expired or unsalvageable? That can be thrown in the trash.








2. Organize everything else in your kitchen.

You might have a few kitchen storage solutions on your home renovation checklist but until you have time to build out your dream pantry, let’s see what we can accomplish without knocking down any walls.

“But I don’t have a high end kitchen.”

“My cabinets just overflow because my kitchen is so small.”

Inside cabinet accessories help you to make the most of your kitchen cabinetry — even if space is slightly scarce. There is an organizer for almost every item, so there is really no excuse for why your kitchen can’t be completely optimized.

Some of our favorite inside cabinet accessories allow you to find what you need faster, like our cookware organizer and door mounted spice rack. Imagine not having to take out three pots and pans to reach the one you actually want or being able to see every spice you have in seconds. Organization isn’t only for large and lofty kitchens; organization is key no matter what size or style kitchen you have in your home.

3. Stop the clutter cycle once and for all.

Remember that feeling of accomplishment we talked about before? If you’ve checked off these first two steps, you are sure to be feeling pretty triumphant right about now. What if you felt like that all of the time?

You can live in a clutter-free kitchen forever if you put systems in place that set you up for success. From a designated chore board to scheduled sweeps of your refrigerator and cabinets, organization can become the norm — if you plan it.

Pencil in routine tasks on your family calendar or schedule appointments on your phone. These little reminders can serve as the push you need stop kitchen clutter once and for all.


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