30 Times People Came Up With IKEA Hacks With Great Result

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IKEA is probably the most recognized furniture brand in the world. It has become a staple during this period of life as it makes affordable furniture and home furnishing choices that are especially favored by those just starting out on their own. Its products also provide the opportunity to be creative.

You can buy unfinished furniture, or even mix and match parts to create unique, customized pieces. In fact, IKEA is so popular that an entire industry has developed around DIY hacks of its products in an effort to help people give a fresh spin to their interiors. Here are some of them!

#1 Turn IKEA Frosta Stools Into A Large And Creative Cat Tree Along The Walls

Image credits: shelterness

Luke Arthur Wells, an interior stylist, and blogger in the UK, thinks IKEA is still unmatched in not only producing quality products at an affordable price but also products that have a design point of view that feels authentic. "I love that they are passionate about sustainability, have a strong ethos as a company, and innovate to work with new techniques, materials, and designers to make sure their designs are leading the pack," Luke told Bored Panda.

Having said that, the blogger who covers his own home renovation and furniture hacks said the problem with a global, beloved brand is that everyone recognizes their products. "In the modern world, especially with everyone sharing their homes on social media, you want to try and create a unique style, which can be hard when IKEA is hardly a well-kept secret."

#2 Creating A "Fairy Princess Castle Bed" From An IKEA Kura

Image credits: StrongMed

And he definitely has a point. With 433 stores in 53 countries and 2019 global retail sales of about $48.5 billion, almost everyone has an IKEA story. 

However, according to Luke, the streamlined nature of IKEA designs makes it ripe for customising to add more detail. "Also, when furniture comes flatpack, you feel a bit more connected to how it's constructed, which allows for a bit more confidence in disrupting that, taking pieces apart and putting them back together again," he explained

#3 I Made This From IKEA Products (Except For The Paint And Black Light). It’s A Shelf To Hold My Partner’s Tiny Nintendo Toys. I Put It In A Ribba 19”x 19” Frame. I Had To Buy Two Of The Lustigt Shelves To Have Enough Ladders.

Image credits: PlahausBamBam

Customers know what they're going to get when they shop at IKEA, and they will going to be able to afford it. Interestingly, price is so important to the company's strategy that it first decides on the price of a piece of furniture and then reverse engineers the construction.

IKEA has a democratic design approach, according to Antonella Pucarelli, the chief commercial officer of IKEA retail U.S., which means that it "deliver[s] form, function and quality products at a low price. Even though our products are affordable, we don't compromise on quality," she said.

IKEA makes some of its furniture from wood and some from particleboard (recycled wood chips fused together), keeping production more affordable. IKEA sells and ships its furniture in flat-packs, which makes transporting it cheaper, and customers put it together themselves (or pay for someone to do it for them), keeping labor costs down.

#4 IKEA Hacck
#5 My IKEA Hemnes Dresser Hack! Sanding The Top Down Was A Pain, But Turned Out Lovely :-)

Image credits: bdcari19

#6 A Hack For Pet Owners. I Took The Duktig Doll Bed And Converted Into A Cat Bunk Bed

Image credits: reddit.com

#7 Kallax Puppy-Proof Cat Feeding Station Station; Food And Treat Storage Above.

Image credits: Nemo1ner

#8 Transformed My IKEA Lack Table

Image credits: iris201196

#9 IKEA Kallax Art Deco Console Hack
#10 IKEA Kallax Window Seat Hack
#11 For Our Narrow Entryway, We Combined Two IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinets And Replaced The Original Tops With A Stained Wood Top. I Am So Happy With How This Hack Turned Out!

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 My First IKEA Hack, Made From The Legendary Bekvam Spice Racks & A Couple Of Magnets :-)

Image credits: NyanCat82

#13 Fritids , Hidden Cat Litter Box / Bench

Image credits: Brothengar

#14 I Used A Cnc Cutter To Engrave Tattoo Designs Into The Doors Of My IKEA Kallax.

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 IKEA Card File Drawers Hack

Image credits: thepaintedhive

#16 Add Black Marble Contact Paper And Gold Paint To The Vittsjö Coffee Table.
#17 Beautiful Hall Of Bookcases From IKEA Hack - France [425 X 639]

Image credits: tsahsiewfan

#18 IKEA Hack
#19 Used Karlby Countertops As Laundry Room Counter! Butt Joint The Counter Top To The Legs! Voxtorp Cupboards On The Top! Thoughts!

Image credits: mgervasi293

#20 IKEA Kallax Mid Century Modern Sideboard Hack
#21 Mid Century Modern IKEA Hack Sideboard

Image credits: kristimurphy

#22 DIY -IKEA Moppe Cabinet Hack

Image credits: style-squeeze

#23 I Gave My Malm Bed A Country Style Makeover. Let Me Know What You Think ...

Image credits: jmicho123

#24 Two Hejne Shelves By IKEA Turned Into An Outside Walking Space For Your Cat

Image credits: shelterness

#25 Turned A Vittsjo Laptop Desk Into A Home Bar

Image credits: piersmorganschin

#26 Homebar Made With Two Fjallbo Cabinets

Image credits: Braikenb

#27 Finished Our 98" Karlby Counter Top Desk! Pretty Happy With The Results.

Image credits: Shaxinater

#28 Would You Have Guessed That This Gorgeous Cabinet Started Life As An Ivar Cupboard? No, Me Neither! It Makes Me Want To Cut Gorgeous Curves Into All Of My Furniture!
#29 Plastic Docksta Table Glow-Up. The Marble Table I Wanted From World Market Was $550 - So I Turned This $180 Table From IKEA Into The Table Of My Dreams With Spray Paint, Table Epoxy, And A Blow Torch ? #diywin #ikeahacks

Image credits: rebeccastonephoto

#30 Malm - Baby Changing Table

Image credits: DrSmus

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