Cook Often? Here’s How To KonMari Your Spice Cabinet!

assortment of dried spices on countertop

How’s your spice cabinet looking?

If you regularly cook, you know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a spice that’s hidden in the back of the cabinet somewhere. Even worse, when you spend more money on duplicates because you couldn’t find it the first time. Doh! 😓Luckily, I’m sharing my favorite kitchen cabinet organizer to tidy up those spice jars!

Say hello to the Spicy Shelf stackable kitchen cabinet organizer!

how the Spicy Shelf kitchen cabinet organizer looks both in and out of the spice cabinet

My spice cabinet used to be a complete disaster with spices just thrown in haphazardly and I found myself digging through them and taking jars out every time I cooked, which is annoying and time-consuming!

Spicy Shelf was the solution I needed!

The expandable shelves adjust to fit the dimensions of your cabinet and they’re super easy to install. The shelves sit right inside the cabinet, require no hardware, and they stack! 👏

Spicy Shelf kitchen cabinet organizer holding spices in the spice cabinet

Just look how tidy and organized my spices are! 😍

As a food blogger for Hip2Save and our sister site, Hip2Keto, it’s super important for me to save time by keeping myself organized and this inexpensive organizer has helped me so much – I’ve already had it for over 4 years now… time flies when you’re organized. 😉

cabinet full of vitamins an essential oils using spicy shelf kitchen cabinet organizer

Spicy Shelf can also organize other smaller household items, such as a collection of nail polish, essential oils, supplements and medicines, or craft paint. If you have a larger cabinet, you can also set up a couple of shelves side-by-side. Either way, the Spicy Shelves are extremely versatile!

various spices in cabinet with shelves inside

Here’s where you can find a Spicy Shelf kitchen cabinet organizer for your home:

Here’s another organizer our team loves:

youcopia spice stack rack filled with spice bottles

Our team is also very impressed with this YouCopia Chef’s 30-Bottle Spice Organizer. The drawers pull out and lower to display spices at eye-level for easy location and reach. There’s no installation or mounting, and it comes with both printed and blank labels to customize your spices.

Bonus: Want to step up your spice game even more?

hand holding spices with labels

If you’re out for some pretty labels to make all of your spices more cohesive, then you absolutely have to check out my Hip sidekick Sara’s recent post on making these labels with her Cricut. And if you’re already thinking you’d be in way over your head, think again because Sara is a crafting newbie and still nailed this DIY so I know you can too!

Did you see what happened when our team organized for an entire month? 😳

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