I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t have time to run around looking for those cute baskets and organizers at Target or Marshalls’ to make my home look more……”presentable-without-trying-vibe”


Turns out, I don’t need to! Magazine holders are a space-saving and fashionable way to organize all those items you’ve been stuffing under the couch cushions.

The best thing is they are really inexpensive and can be found pretty much anywhere including the Dollar Store, Ikea, or if you’re really feeling fancy, Staples. Of course, who can forget Amazon!  What more? They also come in different materials such as Wood, Metal, and of course Plastic. I would say they’re basically organizers version 2.0. Without further ado, here are some ways that you can jazz up your home organization using magazine holders!
31 Brilliant Ways to Organize with Magazine Holders 1. Pantry Organization
Image Credit: Pbjstories

After a long day at work, the first thing anybody does is go on a hunt for snacks in the pantry. Nobody has time to actually organize it though, which is where the superhero magazine holder comes in. It can be used to store and organize canned goods and veggies. Simply turn the can on its side, and stack them reasonably high.

You can also store veggies like onions, potatoes and other vegetables that love the dark here.

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2. Extra toilet paper anybody?

It’s not that attractive to leave your extra toilet paper rolls accidentally rolling around in the bathroom. Simply stack and place them in the magazine holder and place the holder near the toilet. This frees up a lot of space in your bathroom cabinet which you can use to store other things.

Now you can those store extra rolls and also avoid those awkward moments where you run out of toilet paper!

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3. Gift Wrapping Station
Image Credit: iheartorganizing

Always run out to the store to buy a gift paper and other accessories because you couldn’t find them? Or don’t have space to keep them? No matter the reason, you can use magazine holders to store all the gift accessories easily in less space. Whether its gift-wrapping paper, ribbons, sparkly pens or even bows, put them it into the holders. Your gift wrapping station is ready!

The next time you need to wrap a gift, you won’t have to think twice! Also, these holders are quite narrow, so they can easily fit in a cupboard, behind a door, or even on a shelf.
4. Hair Station

Don’t want to waste money by buying an extra special stand for your curler or straightener? Why waste so much for something that looks like a docking station NASA should be using? Not a problem. A magazine holder can easily store all your straighteners, and extra curlers or even extra makeup brushes.

Now you can easily use and store them before rushing off to work every day. Make sure to use a metal magazine holder since the heat cooling off from the curler or straightener would melt any other material like plastic.
5. Store Plastic Wrap Box, Foil, etc

Did you ever come home to find a roll of plastic wrap extending over the counter to the floor? Due to the lack of drawer space, can’t keep them in drawers too. So, where to store them? Well, a magazine holder will definitely do the trick and keep them organized. Store all those plastic wrap boxes, wax papers, and even extra Ziploc bags and aluminum foil rolls in the magazine holder.

Mount it to a shelf in your pantry or even on a cabinet door. You’ll never have to worry about paper rolling around on the floor again!
6. Craft Supply Organizer
Image Credit: Laughingpurplegoldfish

Magazine holders are a perfect storage idea to store your craft supplies and keep them organized. Whether its Yarn, Paint, Fabric or any other craft supply, you can easily organize it with these magazine racks. You can either get a wall-mounted magazine holder or just hang a wooden shelf to keep all of them stacked. A great way to keep your craft room organized and clean.
7. Easy Flip-flop Storage

Have you been letting your flip-flops run amok and find their freedom within the house? Except now, you only find one shoe at a time? Not to fear, magazine holder is here! Tame your wild flip-flops by storing them safely and snugly in plastic, or preferably metal magazine holder.
8. DIY Mail Sorter

Is junk mail piling up on your table? Use magazine holders to organize the bulk of your mail into separate holders like Insurance, Family, Marketing, etc. It would prove more effective to store these personalized magazine holders near the door or garage since that’s where all the mail usually ends up anyway. If you want to take it a step further, you can also organize the mail by each family member. Doing so will avoid the daily confusion of “Mom! Where’s my mail?”
Check out how The Organized House Wife made her own mailing station!
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9. Hide the Wireless Router
Image Credit: designocd

Although very useful and necessary to access the internet, the router doesn’t really go with the decor of the house. But you can hide an ugly router, with its mess of cables of course, easily in a quaint and quirky magazine holder. This can also be used to store extra wires, old routers, useless headphones or any other tech that’s unnecessary and needs to be thrown away. Functional and cute, what more could you want?
10. Organize Your Bills
For me, losing a bill is an event that happens almost on a daily basis. With magazine holders, you can stay on top of things and up to date by organizing the bills as per your preference. This is also applicable for paperwork, or other files that you keep losing or placing accidentally around the house.

One magazine holder could be for Department stores, another for medical bills, another for Chuck-E-Cheese, the possibilities are endless!

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11. Storing Gift Bags
Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Is your closet piling up with gift bags, which when needed, are nowhere to be found? Not to worry! Use a plastic or metal magazine holder and personalize it with hearts and stickers to store those cute gift bags that can be used at a moment’s notice. Better yet, use a wall-mounted magazine holder to save space, and to avoid tripping over stray gift bags on the loose. 
12. Coffee Pod and K-Cups Storage
Image Credit: thekrazycouponlady

I’m sure there’s at least one in every house that can tell the difference between dark roast and medium-dark roast. With all the different coffee flavors these days, there is more room in our stomachs, but less space in our cabinets to store the coffee bags or K-cups!

Using a metal magazine holder is perfect to hold different types of coffee pods, K-cups. It doesn’t take up much room at all and a ton less compared to storing boxes that they come in. You can keep the holder on a shelf, or behind a door since they don’t really take up much space.
13. Corner Shelf storage
Image Credit: Designsponge

Did you forget your keys again? Or was it your wallet this time? Happens to the best of us. To avoid those panicky mornings where you have no idea if you put on socks or a sweater. Turn a wooden magazine holder to a shelf and hang it at the corner of your front door to save your sanity! Store your keys, wallet, and other essentials that are perfect as a pick up stops before the morning rush.

This also works great in the bathroom to store all those stray nail polish bottles, cotton balls, and nail files that keep taking up precious counter space.
14. Case of Missing spices
Image Credit: thekitchn

Do your spices end up under the plastic bags again? It’s quite easy to lose those spice bags underneath the treasure trove in your drawer and waste extra time just rummaging for them. Use a cute magazine holder to make sure they all stay in the same place. If the holder is small enough, it will fit in one drawer, so that you don’t have to waste extra countertop space.
15. Transforming Coffee Table

Are you the type of person who, after finding something cool on Pinterest, immediately decide to build it? This trick is for you! Assembling a table from 4 wooden magazine holders is just plain awesome and very doable. It also saves money from buying a monstrous new, expensive and space-consuming coffee table.

Check out this easy tutorial to find out exactly how it should be built, along with the required materials.
16. Storing Ballet Flats
Image Credit: thekrazycouponlady

Do you often end up stepping on your multiple pairs of ballet flats? But you also don’t want them to end up at the bottom of the closet. Tough situation! Well, magazine holders are an easy solution for this situation. I would say they are perfect to store those ballet shoes. Each magazine holder can store up to two or three pairs. So don’t stop your ballet shoe addiction just because you “don’t have space.”
17. Yarn organizer
Image Credit: laughingpurplegoldfish

I’m personally not a knitter, but if you are one, and you’re tired of those yarn balls becoming a play toy for your cats……organize them! Each holder can easily hold up to six balls of yarn, and the bigger the holder, the more they’ll be able to hold. They can be wall-mounted or sit on a shelf comfortably out of the reach of your cat or kids.
18. Organize Cutting boards
Image Credit: Smartaleckstudio

Honestly, I attempt to open a drawer for at least three minutes before realizing my large collection of cutting boards are blocking it. No matter how small your kitchen is, impulse shopping gives way to, “I definitely need another cutting board”. If you are anything like me, then don’t worry it’s easy to store and organize them.

Simply stuff them vertically into a magazine holder, preferably larger than the usual size, and store them in a shelf, or in the pantry or pretty much anywhere! They don’t take up much space! Buy the exact one here.
19. Organize Water Bottles
Image Credit: BHG

Personally, I have way too many water bottles that take up at least two shelves in the pantry! Whether they’re from conferences, freebies from school, or for daily use, water bottles can easily take up a lot of space. Utilize a holder and stack them on top of each other, and you’ll end up using less than a quarter of shelf space. This also frees up some much-needed space.
20. DIY Charging Station
Image Credit: 100things2do

Why trip over all those wires and cables? They have definitely been the cause of many Jennifer Lawrence-Oscar-worthy-trips in my house, and also a source of immediate irritation! Place magazine holders near your modem and router, and drill a few holes at the bottom of the holder. And bingo! You now have your own, very awesome, DIY charging station.

Note: Get some classy and cute ones at Marshalls or TJ Maxx to avoid exposing your eyes to the “plain ones.” 
21. Store Tupperware Lids
Image Credit: bhg

Tupperware lids are quite difficult to track off and can easily end up all over the kitchen. So, it’s quite hard to keep partner each lid to its respective container. A magazine holder fixes all of these pesky problems. It makes it so much easier when all the lids are in one place. And if the holder is wall-mounted, storage becomes even easier. Alternatively, you can also use heavy-duty command hooks to mount it without drilling holes.
22. Baking Pan Holder
Image Credit: cookiescraftsandchaos

I mean, how much more of a Bretty Crocker vibe can you get? Store your Muffin tins, Cupcake Tray, Cake pans…..any baking pan you want! And if you’re into farm-themed or cute-pink type magazine holders, it’s definitely a change from the plain black and white colors. Use the holders to store your smaller sized pans. Or just use a larger magazine holder to store the larger sized ones.
23. Washcloth Storage
Image Credit: Thekrazycouponlady

Do all your washcloths get mixed up in drawers, the laundry, or end up in the back of random shelves? Magazine holders to the rescue! (If your kid watches the show Super Why you’ll understand the reference!)

Roll up your washcloths, and store them in your wonderful, multi-purpose holder. With no effort at all, it will look like you had them professionally arranged! Yes, there are actually people who do that! Weird, right?

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24. Eyeshadow Palette Storage
Image Credit: Cafemom

Honestly, anybody who loves makeup can’t get enough eyeshadow palettes! But they’re also a pain to keep track of and organize. The most we do is leave it open at the vanity and forget about it until the next day. Not anymore! Use the holder and get creative! Organize by company, shades or colors. This is perfect to do on one of those days where you have “nothing to do.” Amazon and Marshalls have some pretty cool holders, so be sure to check them out.
25. DIY Purse Storage
Image Credit: perpetuallychic

Are all your purse straps being twisted that you can’t even see what you have? Store them in a magazine holder to display and clearly pick out what you want from your diverse and treasured collection of purses. It’s a perfect way to store your collection, and flaunt it when necessary. It saves space, and can easily be placed next to you ever-growing makeup vanity section.
26. Storing Boxed Food

Do boxed foods take up too much room in your pantry? Well, simply stack the boxes on top of each other and put them in the holder. This is a great way to make space in your pantry, and not be boggled every time you need to pull out a box to make crowd favorite pasta! It also keeps all the spaghetti and pasta in one place so you don’t have to play Treasure Hunt every time you need a box.
27. Toy Organizers
Image Credit: makinglemonadeblog

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve tripped over toys and the little cars and who knows what else. The playroom is probably a mess, and the Hot Wheels cars will probably end up at the bottom of the closet. Not anymore! Neatly stack all those toys and annoying little cars in the holder and store them in a shelf. Clean up has never been easier! 
28. Fresh fruit and veggie storage
Image Credit: homedit

This is the perfect way to trick your family into starting that healthy diet. It’s a bit like a mind game. The more that fruits are in sight, the more likely we are to eat them. Use these metal wall-mounted magazine holders to store oranges, apples, and other fruits of your choice. Plus, these holders also act like cute kitchen decor. Watch those fruits disappear!
29. Organize your Freezer

Magazine holders are a great way to organize your freezer. Instead of keeping those jams and soups all thrown around the freezer, use magazine holders to keep them organized. Speaking of which you might also like to know some ways to organize your fridge.
30. Magazine Rack repurposed to Towel Holder
Image Credit: 2beesinapod

Rather than having towels stack up on the shelf, use a holder! Neatly roll them up and stack them in the holder. This will give you some much-needed bathroom and shelf space. Who wants towels falling from the shelf all over the floor? That’s unattractive. You can repurpose the holders to make a spacious towel holder, giving it a rustic farmhouse vibe that is universally appealing.
31. DIY Nightstand
Image Credit: brickcitylove

Why spend extra money to buy an expensive, customized nightstand when you can use a holder? Use a wall-mounted wooden magazine holder that will easily blend in with your decor (I would personally paint it turquoise). Stack two holders on top of each other, and then attach two legs to them. There you have it. A DIY nightstand that is inexpensive and fashionable.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a magazine holder when organizing. It can be used for a variety of things and will save you money and space. Not to mention it can give a designer level decor!

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