Kate Bosworths Beauty Cabinet Features an Underrated Organizer

Actress Kate Bosworth has accomplished one of her biggest goals for 2020: getting organized. Its hard to be creative in a space with clutter, she wrote in an Instagram post, which revealed her now pristine beauty/medicine cabinet. Bosworth cleaned up her stash of products, as well as her bathroom vanity and kitchen pantry, with the help of pro organizer Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral, whose client roster includes names likeShay Mitchell and Erin Condren.

The closet wasnt total chaos before, but it was missing one key element: boundaries. Her biggest challenge was that she didnt have any systems for categorizing in place. Her second challenge was not having any containment, says Robin. The expert and her team used products from the Container Store, plus these three streamlining strategies, to get Bosworths storage into shape.

Stock Up on Turntables

Robin placed a series of lazy Susans at the very top of the cupboard for oils, Advil, and the like. The tool (most commonly found in kitchens) is an underrated one, says Robin: It gives you access to all your things with a simple turn. The wheel doesnt soak up much space either, so it fits neatly within the confines of a shelf.

Stack Your Everyday Staples

Robin placed tiered stainless steel shelves in the center of the closet, so Bosworth can graband more important, seethe products she uses on the daily. Plus, since the ledges are expandable, she can add products over time.

Overcategorize Drawers

To take the stress out of getting ready, Robin also tidied Bosworths vanity drawers (see the final resulthere). There are no guessing games involved. The organizer got as specific as separating Bosworths mascara wands from her eyeshadow brushes. Clear, shallow containers are at the core of any makeover.

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