The Best Pull Out Pantry for Tall Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Pull Out Pantry for Kitchen Cabinets in 2021

Wire Basket Pull Out Pantry Organizer

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No lie.

Using a pull out pantry is probably one of the best things you can add to your kitchen. Yes, some products might leave you wide-eyed when looking at the price, but this is one aspect of the kitchen not to skimp on.

I guarantee it’ll pay dividends.

Once you narrow down the right pull out pantry for the size of your cabinet, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this unique pull out cabinet organizer for years to come.

What Is a Pull Out Pantry, Exactly?

First things first. Let’s make sure we’re on the same page of what a pull out pantry is.

There’s lots of different names that get used to describe the same product. So to clarify, I’ll loop in other jargon like roll out pantry, slide out pantry or glide out pantry all in to “pull out pantry”.

A pull out pantry is designed to eliminate wasted space and create useful storage that’s easier to access.

This style of organizer extends the height of your kitchen’s tall pantry cabinet from top to bottom and uses a frame with shelves to slide in and out of your cabinet.

It’s a permanent way to increase storage and add value to your home and cabinetry.

Other Types of Pantry Organizers

There’s lots of innovative pantry organizer products on the market today. Everything from a pull out style organizer, cabinet door mounted solution, pilaster drawer system, lazy susan or swing out style organizers…take your pick.

But the best one to increase overall functionality in the pantry is the “pull out” style.

How to Choose a Pull Out Pantry

Anytime you’re installing a pull out organizer within your cabinets, the two most important factors are cabinet style and cabinet measurements.

These details will prevent headaches from occurring down the line when you’re installing a product.

Cabinet Types

I know we’re getting into the weeds here, but bear with me. Knowing your cabinet frame style can make or break your installation.

The two main versions are Face Frame and Frameless.

The latter is always a bit more user-friendly when it comes to installing pull out cabinet organizers as there is no frame around the cabinet box to hinder pull out slides.

Face frame cabinets are more of a traditional style cabinet box and, if you have an older kitchen, is perhaps what you have. 

When it comes to installing a pull out pantry in a cabinet, the top and bottom slides will need to have room to operate. They glide in and out of the cabinet along with the pull out pantry.

In order for the slide to properly function on face frame cabinets, you may need to “block-down” the upper slide attached to the pantry pull out.

Using an extra piece of wood that runs from front to back in the upper section of the cabinet will help you even out the frame to be flush to the cabinet frame and to allow the slide to operate.

Standard Pantry Cabinet Dimensions

  • The widths range from 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24 inches.
  • The heights range from 84, 90 and 96 inches.
  • The depths are usually 24 inches, but can range from 12 to 24 inches.
  • The minimum cabinet opening for many pull out pantry organizers is about 20” or 22”

How Deep Can a Pull Out Pantry Be?

The standard depth of a pantry cabinet is usually 24”. Keep in mind depths can range quite a bit as both pre-built and some custom cabinets can be anywhere from 12 to 27 inches.

That said, pull out pantry cabinets just need to be deep enough to allow the pantry frame and slide to mount and move properly within the cabinet.

Luckily cabinet accessory brands design their products around standard cabinet sizes, so you can find a pull out pantry perfect for your cabinet size.

Where to Add a Pull Out Pantry?

The best place for a pull out pantry is next to the fridge or most commonly at the end of a run of cabinets. This style of tall cabinet acts as an end cap of sorts fo the array of upper and lower kitchen cabinets.

Standard heights for pantry cabinets are 84, 90 and 96 inches tall. And you can add pull out pantry organizers to each height too.

Best Wire Basket Pull Out Pantry

These vertical style pantry products are some of the best options to consider and have a relatively budget-friendly price range.

1. Rev-A-Shelf - Sliding Pull Out Pantry

This pull our pantry kit from Rev-A-Shelf has everything you need and more. They’ve got tons of size variations so you can find one for your specific pantry cabinet.

It looks like a lot of moving parts, but essentially there are two core components. The bottom slide is the backbone of the pull out. And the frame, which sits on the slide, is where all the wire shelves mount.

This pull out pantry extends all the way out of the cabinet and provides easy side access to your pantry.

It easily glides back in to the cabinet and looks great with your existing cabinet door mounted onto the face with included brackets.

Available in a variety of sizes and is designed on the 250 lb. rated slide system for a quiet glide out function. Features micro-adjustment door mounting brackets and top and bottom slide covers for a finished look.

Best Pull Out Pantry Wood Shelves

Need something that looks great in just about every kitchen? Wood pull out pantry shelves are a quick and easy addition. 

2. Rev-A-shelf - Wood Pantry Shelving Kit

Pull out wood shelves are a staple in many kitchens. They provide full access to your pantry cabinet and allow you to stay organized.

Rev-A-Shelf makes something called a pilaster kit to make it easy to retrofit these drawers into most pantry cabinets.

The pilaster system is completely adjustable to work with different cabinet openings and around hinges.

Two pilaster kits can be stacked on one another for tall pantry cabinet applications. Kits include (1) pilaster kit, (2) 4″ H wood drawers, (1) 7″ H wood drawer, (8) metal dividers, (4) wood pegs, (3) pair of Blum slides.

Best Narrow Pantry Pull Out

Not all cabinets are made the same. You may have a narrow pantry cabinet, but still want to outfit it with a pull out. There’s good news…there are a few options available to you.

3. Rev-A-Shelf - 9" Opening Pull Out Pantry

The minimum cabinet opening for both face frame and frameless cabinet is 8.5″ wide. That’s the minimum requirement for this pull out to work.

The height, with a telescopic upper shaft, can range from 73-5/8″ to 80-3/4″. And if you’ve got a standard pantry cabinet depth of 24″, you’ll be good to go. The actual assembled depth is 21.69″.

This particular version comes with solid bottom gray or maple shelves, which is a nice contemporary look that work in lots of kitchen designs.

Comes as a complete kit including 200lb. rated slide system, frame, baskets, door mounting kits, and all hardware with templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make a Pull Out Pantry?

If you want to save some time and labor, you can purchase a pull out pantry kit. Many manufacturers of home organization products supply all the needed components to assemble and install a pull out pantry.

These kits can retrofit into your existing cabinetry and work with all sorts of common pantry cabinet sizes.

But if you are so inclined, you can fabricate one yourself.

What Is a Pull Out Cabinet Called?

There’s quite a few common terms used to describe a pull out cabinet and jargon varies depending on the application, but a pull out cabinet can be called a roll-out shelf, pull-out shelves, slide-out or a glide-out.

All refer to a shelf or drawer system moving in and out of the cabinet box.

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