These 17 Amazon Finds Will Transform You Into a Minimalist

You can find pretty much everything on Amazon. Seriouslyanything from groceries to clothing to a tiny home can be yours in a matter of days with the click of a button and Prime delivery. But this is also how you end up with a cookie-dunking spoon in your cart without remembering how it got there.

Its a heartening discovery that some of the best minimalist brands are readily available on Amazon, too. We took it one step further and put together a list of our favorite products, below; finding the perfect pared-back piece just got a lot easier. Between a streamlined Yamazaki Home basket and refillable Muji bottles, these 17 pieces will help you simplify your home, once and for all.

For the Entryway

With space for both shoes and coats, this is the only piece of furniture your entry needs.

For lipstick checks, hair zhuzhing, and everything in between. Besides being lovely to look at, a mirror will also open up and add depth to a narrow hallway.

If your foyer isnt so much a foyer as it is a foot of space before you hit the living room, this is your organizer. All you need is a small stretch of wall to keep all your essentialsdog leashes, jackets, bagsoff the ground and within grabbing distance.

Like to check the temperature before heading outside? Keep your phone tucked away and let Mujis pale wood thermometer tell you whether or not you should grab that trenchcoat.

For the Living Room

Get yourself a coffee table that does more than just provide a horizontal surface. This mid-century-esque piece also includes a curved end to hold newspapers and magazines.

Umbras sculptural ceramic planter is just the thing you need to kick-start your collection of greenery.

Storage vessels dont need to be ugly. This simple white basket with wood handles wont detract from the vibe of your living room, but its the perfect solution for too many throw blankets or candles.

For the Kitchen

Grayscale is the ultimate minimalist color palette, and its on display on these stylish Scandinavian spice grinders.

This one product will keep all your most-used kitchen toolsknives and a cutting boardtidy and within reach. If youre not big on countertop clutter, the condensed silhouette perfectly fits in your cabinet.

In crystal-clear glass, a kettle is a tablescape addition all minimalists can get behind. Whip this out at your next brunch.

For the Bedroom

While this cake stand might traditionally be for serving tasty snacks, we think a better use for it would be in the bedroomplace it on your dresser or vanity to act as a catchall for jewelry and perfumes.

Good for both bedroom textiles and overflow from your closet, this two-tone wood ladder will bring a rustic (yet sleek) touch to your space.

When you need a nightstand to store your bedtime-ritual favorites but dont want it to visually clutter the room, this steel blue option is your best bet.

For the Bathroom

Small enough to fit in the tiniest of bathrooms and stylish enough not to stick out like a sore thumb, this trash bin is a utilitarian piece you wont feel stressed about having out in the open.

You take care to choose your shampoos carefully, so why not pay the same amount of attention to how theyre displayed? A sleek caddy means no more constantly knocking over bottles as you go in and out of the shower.

Instead of buying a new soap every time you run out, cut down on waste (and unsightly plastic containers) by purchasing a chic refillable bottle.

According to one Domino editor, this Muji toothbrush holder was the best thing she ever got for her bathroom. Its an unobtrusive, germ-free way to deal with one of the less exciting products in your medicine cabinet.

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