Under Kitchen Sink Organizers and Organizing Ideas

Dish soaps and scrub brush on a cake stand by the kitchen sink.

If you struggle to keep your cupboards organized under the sink, check out these under the kitchen sink organizers and organizing ideas. Simple tips to create a pretty and functional space!

Kitchen Sink Organization

I recently updated our kitchen sink organization and thought that this would be a good time to share my favorite kitchen sink organizers with you. Taking a little time to organize this well-used space will help to save you time and make washing your dishes just a little bit more enjoyable. There are lots of great under sink organizers out there, but it’s all about choosing the right ones for you!

What do I need to do before choosing my organizers?

Before you choose your organization products, there are a few things you need to do first. This will ensure that you pick the best products for your particular space and needs.

  • declutter old items or those that you don’t use. You want to have a good idea of the amount/type of products you will need to organize. Don’t hold onto items that aren’t functional for you.
  • determine how you want to organize the products you have remaining. Keep in mind how often you need to access the items and group similar items together.
  • take measurements of the space and take note of how the pipes and garbage disposal will effect the layout.

I’ve written a full tutorial on how to organize under the kitchen sink so check that out for the full step by step plan prior to getting started.

The Best Under Kitchen Sink Organizers

Choosing the right organization products can make a huge difference in how your space will function. Good under kitchen sink organizers will make it easy to access your supplies and optimize the amount of storage space available.

Drawer Units.

Drawer units or slide out bins are the best way to ensure easy access to items in the back of your cupboard. When you’re choosing the best drawer unit for your space, consider your space and what you want to store before you pick your organization products.

  • Open drawer units will allow you to store taller items.
  • Closed top drawer units will let you stack drawers {if space available} or place additional items on top.
  • Double drawer units will really optimize your vertical space and maximize your storage. Just be sure to check the dimensions and pipe/garbage disposal orientation to make sure they will fit. This sliding organizer works well under the sink as the top drawer is half the size to work around pipes.

Door Storage.

If you need some extra storage space, using the inside of your cupboards door is a great option. Towel bars obviously work well to hang cleaning cloths or kitchen towels, but they can also be used for hanging storage by adding some basic ‘S’ hooks. You can purchase over the door organizers, baskets, or towel racks if you don’t want to add anything permanent or aren’t comfortable drilling into your cupboard door.

Stick on acrylic bins are another option. These ones from idesign are my favorite and come in a few different sizes to fit a variety of items.


Bins are another way to corral similar items together and come in a variety of sizes. If using larger bins, look for ones with dividers or add smaller bins inside them to hold smaller items. I used a large acrylic bin with a divider for our kitchen cleaning products and keep current products in the front for easy access with the bulk items in back.

Our dishwasher pods are stored in an acrylic kitchen canister. If you have little ones, you might want to use a solid container so they can’t see what’s inside. {And, of course, have all cleaning products behind child-proof cupboard locks.}

Smaller bins can be used for dish cloths, sponges, or to separate items that may be damp from the rest of the supplies.

Create an Organized Kitchen Sink Area

In addition to organizing under the kitchen sink, take a little time to organize around the kitchen sink area as well. To make washing dishes quick and easy, keep your most used supplies within easy reach. Dish soaps and a scrub brush can be displayed on a cutting board, tray or cake stand to keep them corralled in one spot.

Keep your dish cloths as close to the kitchen sink as possible. Folding your towels and arranging them horizontally allows you to see everything in the drawer and quickly choose whatever dish cloth/towel you need. I get most of our kitchen towels from HomeSense as they always have lots of cute options and reasonable prices.

For a full step by step tutorial on how to clean under the kitchen sink, check out this post HERE.

What should be stored under the kitchen sink?

The space under the kitchen sink is often quite limited so try to just store items that you use on a fairly regular basis. Look for more natural cleaning products that can clean multiple surfaces to cut down on the amount of cleaning supplies needed.

  • dish soap
  • hand soap
  • dish cloths
  • dish scrub brush
  • bottle brush
  • dishwasher pods/dishwasher detergent
  • sponges
  • kitchen cleaners {multi-purpose spray, stainless steel cleaner, etc.}
  • garbage can
  • cleaning gloves

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