We talk about spring cleaning a lot but what about fall cleaning? It’s also important but often overlooked

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To help you get your house ready for fall here are some fall house cleaning tips. 

Doesn’t it seem like it was just to start of summer and now fall is fast approaching? Kids are going back to school and pumpkin spice everything is starting to show up on store shelves.

When we think about big seasonal and annual cleaning we think about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is important but many household tasks should be done seasonally or at least semi-annually. Having a big fall house cleaning is a great way to stay on top of these tasks and get your home ready for fall.

Getting a head start is a good idea because soon there will be outdoor tasks like cleaning up fall leaves and cleaning out flower beds. While it’s still a bit early, and if you live in a warm climate to hot, to do those tasks start tackling your fall cleaning to-do list.

Fall House Cleaning Tips Don’t Do It All At Once
There is no way you can get everything done in one day. Depending on what’s on your list and your size home it could take a week or two, even more. 

Make your list and figure out how much time you want to spend each day. Then just work down your list each day for the amount of time you have set aside for it.
Plan Ahead
Write your tasks in your home management binder or planner. Have a master list and put tasks on your calendar so you can stay on track. My cleaning planner can also help you get it all planned out.

You can also use your phone to set reminders of your tasks for each day. I find this helpful because sometimes I’m not good about actually looking at my lists. 

I’ve also been keeping my running list on my Erin Condren wall organizer. I walk by the list multiple times a day so I’m sure to see it and remember
Work It Into Your Routine
One easy way to get through your fall cleaning to-do list is by working time for tasks into your morning routine. This is perfect for smaller tasks. If you don’t have a morning routine now is a great time to start one.

If mornings don’t work find another routine you already have set up to work it into. I like to do my weekly cleaning tasks on Sunday afternoon, I can work in a few fall cleaning tasks during this time as well. That way I’ve already got my cleaning supplies out and I’m in a cleaning mode. 
Choose Natural Cleaning Products
Using natural products to clean with will not only help the environment but will also help you breath better and have a safer home.

You can get a free set of Mrs. Meyers cleaners from Grove Collaborative, they even have fall scents that can make cleaning a bit more fun.
Work From the Top Down
When cleaning you should always start on the top and work your way down. Dust and dirt may fall as you are cleaning and you don’t want to mess up your hard work.
Declutter as You Go
Don’t forget to declutter areas as you clean them. This will make your life easier and your home look even cleaner. If you haven’t done a much decluttering in a while you may find it easiest to declutter your home before starting on the cleaning tasks.

Once you have decluttered this time remember to keep up with clutter throughout the year. It’s much easier to do a little at a time throughout the year then have to do it all once a year or even I couple of times a year.
Donate What You Can
Avoid throwing out things that can still be used. This can make you feel better about your efforts because someone in need is being helped. It also can motivate you to get rid of more stuff.
Plan Quick Meals
For the days you will be doing your bigger cleaning tasks, give yourself a break and have easy dinner planned. This will help make sure you don’t reach for the take-out menus. A really good option is to pick up a rotisserie chicken or two and use that for some quick chicken meals.

You could also use a meal delivery service like Blue Apron so there is less prep, shopping, and planning. I love doing this when I have a really busy week.
Give Yourself a Reward
Having a reward planned for when you are done can help motivate you. I like to decorate my home for fall after it’s all clean. I love decorating so this is a great reward and motivator for me.

On a smaller scale, a cup of hot tea after each day’s cleaning helps me unwind. Lately, I’ve had a cup of tea and a cranberry muffin. I made a bunch for the freezer so I just pull out the muffin and let it thaw while I clean and once I’m done I can enjoy it with some tea.

With these fall house cleaning tips, your home should be ready for fall in no time. If you want more cleaning inspiration and to get cleaning advice from other homemakers, join the Homemaking for Everyone Facebook group. 

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Cleaning Home

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