30 Clever IKEA Hacks Perfect For DIY Beginners

IKEA and, by extension, IKEA hacks, have become a phenomenon all around the world. People are sharing their amazing project ideas every day so this is really an endless source of inspiration. That being said, we’re excited to share with you today some of our latest IKEA hacks in the hopes that they’ll spark your imagination or entice you to start your own little makeover project.

30 Beginner IKEA Hacks to Transform Your Space

1. Customize Unfinished IKEA Furniture

One of the coolest things about IKEA products and a trademark of the brand is the fact that you get to build your own furniture, sort of like a big puzzle. These pieces are assembled easily even by beginners, which makes these furniture pieces easy to modify. Even DIY novices can take some time to customize the pieces, which is great because there’s the option of getting unfinished furniture that can be personalized with your own choice of paint or finish. A perfect example of how this process works can be observed in the tutorial from erinspain.

2. Mulig Bar Cart Makeover

Even other types of furniture pieces and accessories are easy to personalize. For example, this is a bar cart makeover. The previously matte silver Mulig cart was given a metallic gold finish which coordinates perfectly with the white marble shelves. A careful gold paint job can make your bar cart look glamorous enough to fit into even the most sophisticated design. Be sure to tape off any non-metal parts of the cart to prevent overspray. The transformation is described in more detail on twinspiration.

3. Kallax Window Bench Conversion

The IKEA Kallax is pretty great as a shelf unit but that doesn’t mean you can’t also use it as something else, such as a cozy window bench with built-in storage. This is perhaps one of the easiest and most seamless transformations which takes advantage of the extremely versatile nature of a lot of IKEA products. The cushion on the top of the bench is an interesting way to add pattern or texture to the piece or pull in colors from other parts of the room. You can check out the process on mommyvignettes for more details and inspiration.

4. LURÖY Wall Organizer

Even something as specific as the LURÖY bed frame can find a new use. Check out ichdesigner to see it was repurposed into an awesome and at the same time very practical organizer which can be mounted onto a wall and accessorized with hooks, hanging baskets, and all sorts of other things. Organizers are useful in practically every room of the house, and they can be easily painted to match any color palette, too. You can add to pretty much any area of the house such as the kitchen, entryway, bathroom, bedroom, or home office.

5. IKEA Mudroom Makeover

Some IKEA hacks are quick and simple and some can be quite complex. It all depends on what you want to achieve and also on the parts and materials involved. For instance, if you want to start a mudroom makeover there are plenty of elements that you can combine such as the BESTÅ unit or the Billy bookcase. A mudroom is definitely a place in the home where you need plenty of storage, and IKEA has a few different units that fit the bill. If you’re curious how all that can work out, check out ikeahackers for more details.

6. Lack Charging Station

The Lack TV bench is another very versatile piece of furniture, one which can double perfectly as a console or even a side table that you can place along the side of the living room sofa. In fact, we found this really great idea on ikeahackers which basically means you can convert the table into a charging station for your devices. Charging stations are an important piece of furniture in twenty-first-century homes since everybody needs a place to keep their smartphones, tablets, and other devices energized. Charging stations can also help you keep track of your chargers and USB cords. 

7. Knaglig Dog Stairs

One of the cutest IKEA hacks and one of our favorites involves three Knaglig boxes which are used to put together steps to help small dogs climb onto the sofa. Obviously, there are other practical ways to use these boxes but we find this idea to be particularly interesting and creative. Dog stairs are perfect for smaller dogs that may accidentally injure themselves trying to jump up and down off the furniture without assistance. They’re also a good option for older dogs who aren’t as agile as they used to be. Find out all the details of the project on ikeahackers.

8. Heat Trivet Cork Board

Wondering if there are also smaller IKEA hacks that you can try? Well, of course, there are and one idea comes from thehomesteady. It involves a simple and basic Heat cork trivet. The point is to convert the trivet into a mini cork board which you can hang on a wall somewhere and display pics and other little items on. You can easily personalize the design with a bit of acrylic paint in a color that you like. The small size of these boards makes them easy to hang up just about anywhere for simple note-taking or displaying small momentos. 

9. NYPLOCKAD Magazine Holder

As it turns out, plenty of kitchen accessories can be purposed into useful and also pretty chic and stylish features for the rest of the home. For example, check out this NYPLOCKAD plate holder which was cleverly repurposed as a magazine holder that’s perfect for the living room, bedroom or office. The simple design gives it versatility and there are a ton of cool ways in which you can add your own personal touch. Check out yourdiyfamily for a bit of inspiration. 

10. Moppe Planters

Some IKEA hacks are extremely creative and interesting. One of the best examples we can give is the Moppe storage chest which was transformed into a very unusual set of planter boxes. The drawers are small and cube-shaped and have pretty much the perfect dimensions for serving as planters. Pull out a few and keep the others closed. Fill the open ones with potting mix and create your own unique indoor garden.

Choose plants in many different colors and textures to give the display an eclectic design, or choose plants along a theme (spiky plants, hanging plants) for a more uniform look. This extremely ingenious idea comes from diyinpdx.

11. STENBÄR Pendant

Another very ingenious IKEA hack idea was featured a while ago on jestcafe and involves the stylish and versatile STENBÄR plant pot. Believe it or not, you can turn the pot into a beautiful lampshade or pendant. Consider the size and dimensions, this actually makes a lot of sense which actually inspires us to try to find other ways or repurpose basic home accessories and decorations.

12. REGOLIT Hot Air Balloon

This chic hot air balloon decoration is in fact yet another inspiring IKEA hack. The balloon is actually a repurposed REGOLIT ceiling lamp. It’s been decorated with cute little black polka dots and got a lovely basket attached with string and wooden beads. Isn’t it adorable? We’ll definitely have to try this project for ourselves. This project isn’t just good for children’s bedrooms, either. This hot air balloon will add a touch of whimsy and imagination even to grown-up spaces. The details can be found on husligheter.

13. RASKOG Herb Garden

The RÅSKOG cart is one of the most popular IKEA products and is also the subject of many kitchen hacks. One of the reasons for that is the fact that the cart is simply very versatile and practical and can be used in a lot of great ways. That encourages a lot of people to customize the cart in ways that match their own style and overall look of their homes. Check out ikeahackers to see how you could transform the cart into a rolling herb garden for your kitchen. A kitchen herb garden makes it a snap to add delicious, colorful, and nutritious herbs to all of your home-cooked meals. 

14. Lack Table Planter

The Lack side table from IKEA has also been the subject of many creative and inspiring transformations. One of our favorites is this Lack table planter. The idea here is very simple: you cut out a hole at the center of the table, you insert a box/planter and that’s it. We have a lovely video tutorial showing the process from start to finish so be sure to check it out if you’re interested. If you aren’t good at keeping live plants alive or you don’t have enough natural light for them to thrive, plastic and silk plants can create the same look without the need to water or sun your table. 

15. Kallax Storage Bench

We already mentioned the fact that the Kallax bookshelf module can be transformed into a bench and we’re back with another example that shows a different perspective on the project. This time the bookcase is transformed into a comfortable storage bench with a cozy cushion on top and storage baskets that fit perfectly inside the open cubbies. Most homes could use a little extra storage, and the Kallax unit can be used in several IKEA hack projects to provide it. 

16. Lack Combination Table

The Lack side table, as you’ve already seen, is a wonderful piece of furniture and a great accessory. It’s so great and versatile in the fact that you can get more than one and either use them each separately or connect two or more to make custom and modular combos. It’s a quick and easy IKEA hack, one which requires few supplies and little time to complete.

17. FINNVARD Kitchen Island

You can also use IKEA products to build new furniture pieces for your home. For example, check out this alternative kitchen island idea from ikeahackers which uses two FINNVARD modules as table legs with built-in storage shelves. There’s also another larger shelf on top. You can make the island as big or as small as you want to and there are all sorts of ways in which you can personalize its look and functionality using extra accessories.

18. BEKVÄM Book Storage Shelves

Ever considered that those spice racks that are so helpful in the kitchen could actually also serve as something else? It’s surprising and very refreshing at the same time to come across an IKEA hack project such as the one from domesticsimplicity which addresses this very idea. Those cute children’s book storage shelves are in fact BEKVÄM spice racks. As it turns out they’re ideal for this and no modifications are necessary.

19. Lack Raspberry Pi Console

This is yet another IKEA hack that involves the versatile Lack table. This time the project we have in mind uses a Raspberry Pi so it’s a very specific kind of hack. It’s also one of the most creative and ingenious ideas we have come across so far. You can find all the details of the project on ikeahackers.

20. GRUNDTAL Coffee Pod Storage

The next project on today’s list is also quite specific. This IKEA storage hack idea is to build a rack for your coffee capsules, one which you can attach to the underside of your kitchen cabinets for easy access. To do that you’ll need a GRUNDTAL drying rack. It should have rods that are just the right distance apart so you can line up coffee capsules in there. Check out the details of the project and find out more about the supplies and tools needed in the tutorial featured on ikeahackers.

21. Gold Skruvsta Office Chair

Gold Skruvsta Office Chair

The standard Skruvsta office chair from IKEA is a good piece, but a can of metallic spray paint can take this piece to the next level. If the Skruvsta has any design flaw, it’s the flat matte gray hardware, so painting the hardware gold like in this tutorial from Alicia Tenise gives it a sophisticated edge. This DIY project is perfect for beginners since it doesn’t require many skills to pull off. If you don’t want to use gold, other metallic spray paints can be used to match the Skruvsta office chair to whatever metallic accent you’ve used elsewhere in your space.

22. Decoupage Ivar Cupboards

Decoupage Ivar Cupboards

Decoupage is a remodeling technique that may be intimidating to some beginning crafters, but it’s a useful method for bringing these Ivar cupboards to life with an oversized floral motif. This hack also uses chalk paint, a good option for giving your furniture a soft matte look. Ivar cupboards are a simple and affordable piece that is easy to convert with just a few steps. Check out this tutorial at We Are Scout to figure out how to pull off this dramatic look for yourself.

23. DIY Regolit Feather Lampshade

DIY Regolit Feather Lampshade

Sometimes it doesn’t take a huge change in an IKEA hack to make a dramatic difference visually, and this DIY feather lampshade from Pillar Box Blue using the Regolit lamp is one of these simple but fantastic transformations. You can find feather lampshades for hundreds of dollars in a high-end department store, but why spend that kind of money when you could easily just make your own? Using a feather boa, some Modge Podge glue, and a glue brush, you can put together this project no matter what your level of DIY skill is.

24. Bleached Arkelstrope Table

Bleached Arkelstrope Table

The Arkelstrope console table has a unique half-moon shape that fits well in a wide variety of spaces. Changing the color provides an easy hack to help this table fit into your interior design no matter what your color palette is. For lighter palettes, lime curing is a way that you can lighten the color of the console table’s wood without having to use bleach. Follow this tutorial at Hunker to determine how you can bleach your Arkelstrope table to fit in well with a coastal decor scheme or many others.

25. Washi Tape Eket Cabinet

Washi Tape Eket Cabinet

Often some of the best IKEA hacks involve just a few supplies and a lot of ingenuity. Washi tape is a cheap crafting tape that can be found at dollar stores, drugstores, and office supply stores in various colors. Using this tape to create a geometric design on a plain white Eket cabinet can add drama to a monochromatic interior design, especially if you tape the cabinet up in black tape over its stock white exterior. Be sure to lay the washi tape carefully to prevent any wrinkling when you’re putting the piece together. See exactly how to create it over at Apartment Therapy.

26. Variera Wrapping Paper Holder

Variera Wrapping Paper Holder

The Variera plastic bag holder from IKEA has gained serious popularity as a base component in all kinds of different IKEA hacks. One of the most useful functions of this contraption is to hold and organize wrapping paper. If you’re a fan of high-quality, expensive wrapping papers but you’re tired of trying to dig them out of the back of a closet, converting a Variera plastic bag holder into a mounted wrapping paper holder is a great option for your crafting room or supply closet. See how to create a Variera wrapping paper holder at Heathered Nest.

27. Borby DIY Terrarium

Borby DIY Terrarium

Borby lanterns look great in coastal-themed homes in their own right but using this hack over at Thou Swell, you can convert one of these lanterns into an adorable terrarium capable of adding whimsy and charm to any design. Indoor terrariums are best paired with low-maintenance plants such as air plants or succulents. Care should be taken to ensure that any live plants receive enough water and light to thrive.

28. Mosslanda Bedside Table

Mosslanda Bedside Table

IKEA hacks are popular for small spaces, and with good reason. This furniture maker features many compact units for making the most of tight floor plans. When used as a side table, the Mosslanda is just wide enough to hold a few small plants, a glass of water, and your cell phone, but it’s great as a bedside table for spots where a standard-sized bedside table wouldn’t easily fit. This butler-style table has a sleek look for a minimalist design. See it in action over at the IKEA website along with several other Mosslanda hacks.

29. Ekby Vanity

Ekby Vanity

Speaking of compact furniture, the Ekby table unit from IKEA makes an awesome vanity that won’t take up too much space in your bedroom or guest room. When paired with a short bench and a mirror, this vanity is narrow enough to fit even in awkward spaces so you have a place to sit down and do your makeup. You can also use it just as a place to keep your cologne and hair products if you don’t wear makeup. Add some simple accents like a throw to help pull the whole piece together. Check out this finished vanity over at New Blooming to see the look for yourself.

30. Malm Modular Storage

Malm Modular Storage

IKEA dresser hacks are some of the most popular IKEA hacks out there since the company has plenty of units that can be converted by DIY crafters to match a wide variety of interior design looks and aesthetics. The Malm modular storage unit comes as an unassuming walnut brown, but adding some paint and cut-out overlays like these Olivia swoops at Sarah Hearts gives the unit a cool, vintage mid-century vibe. Adding hardware such as drawer knobs is another way to customize the Malm modular storage unit that beginners can do without much trouble.

IKEA hacks are a clever way for crafty homeowners to get the most out of this affordable furniture line, and many of them are simple enough that you don’t have to have advanced DIY skills to pull them off. IKEA pieces are already easy to assemble, so don’t be intimidated by the idea of switching things up a little. Often all it takes is some paint and some imagination to completely change up the look of IKEA furniture into something that is personalized and perfect for your space.

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