6 Best Spice Drawer Organizers That Make All The Difference

6 Best Spice Drawer Organizers That Make All The Difference

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Need the best drawer organizer for your spices? These ideas are bound to make a difference!

The spice organizer style of drawer storage can work with your existing drawers. It drops right in place with little to no work. It’s the ideal way to have something that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides easy access.

For a complete yet simple solution, I recommend the Seville Classics three tier spice organizer.

Believe it or not though, there are many different types of spice drawer organizers. Different tiers, materials and sizes all play a role in overall satisfaction. This article will cover some of the best products you can get.

What Size Spice Bottle or Jar Will Work?

Not all spice bottles are made the same size. Although most will be approximately 1-3/4″ in diameter and 4-1/8″ in height. There are also various shapes with round and square options.

Most will work just fine with a spice drawer organizer. Typically the inner kitchen drawer heights are about 3-1/4″. This is from top to bottom and not including the drawer front itself.

How to Choose a Spice Drawer Organizer

Whenever we’re choosing a cabinet accessory it is helpful to know how you will interact with the product. We want them to serve a purpose and alleviate a pain point.

With spice jars, you are probably after organization and creating more of a functional space within your kitchen.

How many spice jars do you have? Do you want something that matches your cabinetry or style? Do you have appropriate drawer space? These are some questions to ask yourself.

Also consider:

  • Drawer Dimensions: Measure the inside dimensions of your drawer. Write down the width, height and depth. This will help you decide just how large a spice drawer organizer will work.
  • To Tier or Not to Tier: If you want more visibility of your spices, you may consider using a tiered drawer organizer. Picture a “stadium” of spices. The “tiers” simply position your spices to face forward instead of flat.
  • Material: Most spice drawer organizers will be made of wood or a medium density fiberboard (MDF) material with a “wood” laminate. Some are metal and plastic. This will reflect in the cost and the overall quality of the product.

How Do You Organize a Spice Drawer?

Deciding to tackle the spice drawer? Awesome! There’s lots of great ways to organize your favorite spices.

You’ll want to look for ways to do the following:

  • Read the label on the bottle or jar
  • Quickly access and grab jars
  • Easy to clean the inside of the drawer
  • Prevent spice bottles from rolling or moving

Here’s some quick tips on how to organize a spice drawer:

  • Use a tiered drawer insert to see labels
  • Organize alphabetically, by type or by most-used
  • Find an organizer that fits the width, depth and height of your drawer dimensions
  • Use a metal or plastic spice drawer insert that makes it easy to clean
  • Use a drawer liner or organizer that fits the spice bottle size you have

The Best Spice Drawer Organizer

There’s various price points, product dimensions and materials to choose from. Ultimately, the best option revolves around your style and existing drawer dimensions. 

But for a quick and simple solution, the Seville Classics in drawer spice organizer is a perfect place to start.

1. Seville Classics - Three Tier Spice Drawer Organizer

Need something simple and straight to the point? The Seville Classics spice drawer organizer is great for small drawers where you need some extra storage.

The insert features a beautiful bamboo wood and three tiers to make it easy to find spice jars.

It measures 8″ wide, so you can easily fit two into a larger drawer if needed. These are also small enough to rest on a countertop as well.

Slanted tiered shelves make it easier to find and grab, can use inside a drawer or on countertop, can fit two side-by-side in larger drawers.

2. Lynk Professional - Steel Spice Drawer Organizer

This is one of those products you don’t want to leave behind if you move house. This spice drawer organizer from Lynk Professional is durable and will last a lifetime.

It’s also large enough to hold a boatload of spice jars. Some people may not like the “industrial look”, but unlike wood, the longevity is worth it.

You need a minimum height clearance of 3-1/4″ when it sits in your drawer. This is when it contains the spice bottles.

Adjusts to fit 13-1/4” to 26-1/2” wide drawers, made from heavy duty steel with a durable epoxy coating, easy to clean or wash.

3. mDesign - Adjustable Three Tier Spice Drawer Organizer

Adjustability is key when it comes to drawer organizers. We all want that custom fit without having to doing any weird modifications.

This is where the mDesign spice drawer organizer comes into play. It can expand from 8″ wide out to 14.5″ wide. This allows you to get the most out of your drawer space.

The mDesign organizer will come in two pieces. You can use them separately or as a combined option with adjustability.

Can hold up to 32 standard size spice jars, made from heavy duty steel with a durable epoxy coating, easy to clean or wash.

4. YouCopia - Spice Drawer Organizer Foam Liner Roll

YouCopia makes a very unique product. It is designed for those of you who want a more custom look.

This spice bottle liner comes in a 10 foot roll of soft foam with grooves to hold bottles in place. You will need to cut the roll to your desired length with scissors.

If you have a small or odd sized drawer you want to create spice storage for, this is an ideal option.

Can hold 30+ spice bottles, fits both spice bottle and large cans, cut to size with scissors, foam padding protects bottles and drawer.

5. Simhoo - Large Drawer Spice Bottle Organizer

This is a sturdy, well-made spice drawer organizer with a Bamboo wood. There are multiple sizes offered in a small, medium, large and extra large.

Make sure you will have clearance for the drawer to function when spice bottles are inside. The drawer organizer is 2″ high, so add another inch or so to accommodate the bottle size.

If you have wood cabinetry and want to match it nicely, this product is ideal and will blend in with ease while creating extra storage.

Well-made quality wood, three tiers of storage, multiple sizes available, simple drop-in solution.

6. Rev-A-Shelf - Trim-to-Fit Three Tier Drawer Insert

You want a beautiful maple wood spice drawer organizer that can be trimmed to fit? Rev-A-Shelf makes one of the best out there.

Measure the inside dimensions of your drawer, get one of these and then trim it down to fit your size. It’s more of a “finished” look that integrates better with your cabinets. If you have a 15″ wide drawer, this 16″ insert can be trimmed on each side.

This allows you to truly incorporate functional storage accessories into your kitchen and make accessing spice bottles simple and fun.

Tiers allow you to see and access bottles, fits snug inside drawer, maple wood with satin finish, trim-to-fit your drawer size.

How to Install a Spice Drawer Organizer

The good news here, is that these types of drawer organizers are not permanent.

Given that the correct size is used, spice drawer organizers can easily drop in and out of your existing drawer. Unlike most cabinet accessories, there is no drilling or screwing into your cabinetry.

The main thing to consider is the dimensions of your drawer versus the dimensions of the spice organizer.

Ideally, you want to have an organizer that takes up the full space of the drawer to prevent it from sliding back and forth inside. In this case using an adjustable spice organizer if perfect.

If you have a larger drawer you can consider putting two small spice drawer organizers side-by-side.

However, if you want something completely custom, I would use the Rev-A-Shelf spice organizer as you can use a saw to cut it down to your exact drawer dimensions.

  • They are not permanent
  • Can easily drop in without screwing down
  • There are custom size options available
  • Consider using an adjustable or two spice organizers to fill entire space

Our Takeaway...

Adding drawer storage is probably one of the easiest ways to make a kitchen and home more functional.

Kitchen drawers are something we use on an everyday basis, so why not invest in them.

There’s lots of ways to go about adding spice storage. For a simple, yet useful product, I would recommend the mDesign Adjustable Spice Drawer Organizer. It’s expandable feature allows you to quickly get the most bang for your buck.

For those that want spice storage, but might be limited on drawer space or want the ability to remove it, the Seville Classics spice organizer is ideal.

And finally, if you want something that is truly custom, the Rev-A-Shelf spice drawer organizers are trim-to-fit. If you don’t mind using a table saw they are a perfect permanent addition to your drawers.

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